3 Fashion Trends To Ditch Right Now!

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Yoga, UGGs and tattoos – are you into out smartening the media-fed lies? Let’s get to it, then! First, because since Gwyneth Paltrow’s emancipation she became one of the most followed fitness gurus on the Planet, Tracy Anderson’s words are relevant to the media. And for those who look up to her.

Before Gwyneth, Tracy worked with Madonna (actually Madonna recommended Tracy to Gwyneth and so the Goop emancipation begun) and now she’s training JLo, Kim Kardashian or Nicole Richie (and who knows else). It’s safe to say that some of the most envied bodies in entertainment are shaped by Tracy Anderson. But did you know that Tracy has recently spoken out against yoga and raw diets?

3 fashion trends to ignore

Because, as far as the glitzy guru goes, yoga (or raw diet people) are simply cowards, not facing their own reality and the reality surrounding them:

‘I see more women in my office with injuries from yoga. […] I think a lot of people misidentify the fear of the relationship of who they really are or who they can really be, so they go for strong communities or extreme measures like the raw food community or the yoga community.’

Neat! So yogis are now extremists whilst Tracy’s workouts who have been repeatedly called by Gwyneth as ‘grueling’ are like a walk in the park. Tracy’s extremely strict diet (for which she caters meals to Hollywood people buying into her mirage) is certainly not extreme! Whatever fills your bank account, Tracy! But you’ve certainly lost your charm as far as I’m concerned! The trend that needs to go away: over-seriousness of working-out!

Gwyneth exhausting workout with Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson working out with an obviously exhausted Gwyneth Paltrow who revealed details about her harsh routine

Now onto the UGGs – remember when we were praying for the sheepskin shapeless booties to go away from fashion? Well, Alexandra Shulman’s house of Vogue UK is swearing that UGGs are back! And to sustain that, they compare the revival of UGGs to the comeback of Birkenstocks last summer, because, as Vogue UK said, we all need to ‘Embrace your guilty pleasure – the Ugg boot is back.’

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In favor of UGGs boots, I will just say that they’re utterly comfortable and warm and easy to get around – no zip, no complicated fastening, just pull them or kick them out, there’s no philosophy. But from the sheepskin basic, shapeless footwear with even soles to the anatomical sole support offered by Birkenstock’s corkbed footwear? There’s a light-year of distance!

models wearing UGG boots making comeback

from the pages of Vogue to Kate Moss wearing UGGs to summer music festivals, count Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima among UGGs fans

Wait! There’s more! It would appear that UGGs are the trademark of ‘yummy mummy’ and to break that, one must wear them with fishnets and tunics and bare legs. Because – as we all know – wearing the same boots as Kate Moss once did enables any wearer to have Kate Moss’ pins as well. How can one base an argumentation on the likes of Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen? Those women look divine no matter what they’d wear! On the other hand, have you tried UGGs and fishnets? It’s way more extreme than practicing yoga! Trend that needs to go away: over-hype the UGGs!

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Now the third and the ugliest lie the fashion media is feeding us with talks about tattoos! Remember we talked about those fabulous, metallic decals you can put on your skin as temporary tattoos? Those were beautiful! A true trend to follow, whereas the new ‘it’ ink is not only disgraceful but also a health hazard! Steff Yotka proclaimed for styledotcom that ‘tattoos are back and that the coolest style to have is a stick and poke’. Just like the name suggests it, the stick and poke type of tattoos are the traditional type of inking, the basic, manual inking with a needle and ink. No motor-operated machinery, no multi-needle needed, just ordinary ink and ordinary thread & needle! (for a clearer picture of this ‘technique’ this video should suffice).

stick and poke tattoos examples

these are some random examples of gorgeous stick and poke designs posted randomly on the world wide web

So what we have here is one of those DIYs that’s becoming viral and the world’s teens and tweens empty the shelves of black ink and not to practice the art of calligraphy but to permanently insert ink under their skin. Famous models were cited as initiating this wave of glamorous tattoo technique which is largely practiced in prisons, in army camps and other places far, far away from the runway!

stick and poke tattoos kits models

stick and poke tattoos kits go for as little as $40 and designs can be easily found on the internet

To sum up the pros of the stick and poke: model like tattoos, diy tattoos at home, without anybody knowing and or approving (aka parents), being part of a viral trend. Cons? Tattoos are permanent. There’s no way you can take back that ‘hate’ sign or whatever name you were ecstatically inked on your skin! Years from now, there’s a high probability that regardless of how ‘artsy’ or ‘hipster’ your tattoo is, you’ll still want it out! And that’s just the aesthetic side of the cons, without taking into consideration the health hazard (non-sterile or poorly sterilized needles can cause serious infections, especially for those who stick&poke in secret).

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Be careful! Not everything you read about in the press, regardless of how high profile it may be, deserves to be followed brainlessly! (Vogue, Style, as you’ve seen above, can easily disperse crazy ideas under pompous titles such as ‘trends’ or ‘the new it’, think it through, do your research and go for the littlest harm! Trend that needs to go away: over-glamorizing the stick and poke tattoos!


#1 Adriana V on 01.20.15 at 8:34 am

Well, that’s fast! But that’s usually the case with new year’s resolution right? ;) I see here lots of celebrity gossip,…..seven celeb names in the second paragraph. I believe it’s inevitable LOL! :P

Never mind let’s go on then. I don’t give a cr*p about celebrity trends. Never has. Ha, more celebs and these looks all gorgeous in UGGs. I’m afraid I”m less gorge with my ‘pins’ comfy and warm here since they are my home slippers in winter. Also wearing an old suit track. Poor me, my UGGs are the same high black ones as Adriana’s and that’s all I share with her, the name and the UGGs. :O

Another coffee then before I pay attention to the tattoos trend issue…….have I missed something? Is there a new tattoo promotion? Someone on stylecom? Poor fashion people! Sometimes I have the feeling they don’t know what to talk about anymore. So bring back tattoos then. They’re around since the end of the ’70s and I was so tempted, very much tempted to get one but I didn’t give in. Because I imagined old skin with tattoos…..ewww…..the older one gets the tattoos becomes more tacky. I was sure and it yes, it’s true, in my opinion. These days though a good tattoo shop also offers the laser treatment to remove tattoos. So I won’t worry too much. And truth to be told some tattoos does look great. To each their own?

There’s a sort of new tattoo trend in my country the Netherlands. Some elder people who want to decide about their own life get themselves a tattoo with the line: “Do not reanimate” on the their chest or the international not-reanimate logo. No need for an explanation right? And I who never ever wanted a tattoo am thinking about as well. Seriously. I want one with a little skull I am really thinking about this. The irony…..:D

And the moral of my comment? Take your own decisions whether it’s about trends and how to live your life and decide about your life. :)

#2 Ellington on 01.20.15 at 2:12 pm

I will still do yoga, I like it.
I like to still wear my Uggs so I did not know that they left in order to be back.
As for tattoos I am not into those so in or out it is neither here nor there with me.
In closing I agree with and love what Adriana V said at the end of her comment.
That is how one should be and live! : )

#3 kpriss on 01.21.15 at 12:15 am

I think I was so afraid to go ‘gossip’ guerrilla on Tracy Anderson, I forgot to say what specific trend needs to go away – the too-seriousness of working out! Tracy takes her training so seriously, and her ‘method’ so religiously, that she can allow herself to bash yoga and those who practice yoga… so… my bad! I will insert that in the text, I was clearly unclear ;-)

Adriana, so that too is gossip, isn’t it? well – shakes head – I’m not too much of a resolution-er then! I thought things revolving the personal life of the famous ones was more gossip than this, but you’re more fine-tuned than I am, so I’m with you. My wish is blown in the wind!

Ellington – I too do yoga. And I like that, and I favor that and not one of Tracy’s workout routines (which I’ve tried also, but I’m actually comfortable in my own body, I need no ‘metamorphosis’ like she’s selling!).. as for UGGs – I honestly, sometimes do not understand all the buzz around these boots! They ARE. Like you said – who’s to say we’re not allowed to wear them? I for one find them too un-flexible, but that’s my opinion. I wouldn’t ditch my Birkenstocks for no Vogue column! I’m a bit bothered, I admit, to see UGGs in the summertime, but to each its own…. I would literally walk sans footwear some hot days, I couldn’t imagine wearing sheepskin boots!

Adriana, I understand where you’re tattoo interest comes from. And I also understand how tattoos ‘get old’ and how they look like…. I have two resolutions concerning two of my tattoos that I’ll keep for sure! Maybe not this year, or the next, but I’m gonna make those disappear! However, the idea of skin-ink is so much more deeper than skin when it comes to the ‘do not reanimate’ tattoos! Sometimes, it is to life to decide life… No machine. No man. Life. Thank you for telling me that, I wasn’t aware of this ‘tattoo trend’ !

#4 kd66 on 01.25.15 at 6:36 pm

Uggs is Australian slang for ugly! They are slippers in their country of origin & the social norm is if you wear them outside the house then it means “one has no class”! They have never been fashion to us…..

#5 Maria on 12.07.15 at 3:56 am

UGGS are staying. They are warm, comfortable, and attractive. That is why people never really stopped wearing them, and it is NOT a guilty pleasure. It is just a pair of shoes that i like and will wear. I could care less about tracy, whoever she is. And just because one in a million might possibly get hurt doing Yoga is no reason not to do any exercise. Why not just stay at home all day every day? Then you will be even safer. I like to ski, and that is even more dangerous. Whatever. As for tattoos, i probably ail not ever do that, but you are confusing poke and stick with a prison tat. Thats bait misguided, or ignorant. I am not sure what any of this has to do with celebrities. Celebrities are not the reason people do things. They are simply one of the many people to embrace an idea at a given time.

#6 Maria on 12.07.15 at 3:58 am

If UGGS were slippers, they would not make them with soles suitable for the outdoors. i live in Minnesota, and they are perfectly suited for the weather in any cold climate.

#7 kpriss on 12.07.15 at 11:06 am

@Maria thank you for sharing your thoughts! – the tattoos that everyone wants nowadays are the DIY tats, the poke and stick type everyone can do at home. But not everyone can get a tasteful result, thus the ‘prison tats’ aesthetic.

I actually changed the title of this story so many times and couldn’t decide what would be more suitable – perhaps ‘lies in the fashion media’ would’ve been better? I admit the ‘trends’ in need of disappearance are a bit blurry – I was arguing the glamorization of UGGs. I confessed there are pros to wearing this type of boots, but featuring them in the pages of Vogue as the next big thing – that’s risque, even for someone like me who always puts comfort over fashion.

Tracy Anderson is a fitness guru in the Hollywod Hills (and beyond) and she seems to think very highly of herself as to counsel everyone on every matter. Her words are almost every time offensive and misplaced such as this quote that was belittling yogis and the ‘workout’ they practice. Probably thinking that her training is the best thing that happened to the world since Budhha onward.

I’m sorry if I was confusing, it was not my intention but rather to unveil some grotesque misguided facts going around the fashion media lately.

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