Cindy Crawford Modeling Class: Harper’s Bazaar Brazil February 2013

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I was just reading a piece of news – which could also double as a promotional material – in which Naomi Campbell claims it’s time models got their magazines covers back. Why would that be considered advertorial? Well, because Naomi (with Karolina Kurkova, Coco Rocha and Nigel Barker) are hosting ‘The Face’ – a show meant to launch new and fresh models.

But the truth is still out there: models rarely get fashion magazine covers nowadays. Could it be because movie stars sell more than models, but also because not many models today can meet the standards set by the supermodels, back in the glory days! Take a look at Cindy Crawford doing her thing for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, February 2013!

Cindy Crawford Harper s Bazaar Brazil February 2013 cover

She’s clearly retouched here and there, but that doesn’t mean that airbrushing her wrinkles away also airbrushed her supermodel status. Photographed by Nagi Sakai and styled by Juan Cebrian, Cindy’s teaching us a lesson or two about real modeling:

Cindy Crawford Harper s Bazaar Brazil February aviators

first rule of modeling: you must always wear your sunglasses when posing.

Cindy Crawford Harper s Bazaar Brazil February 13

Second rule of modeling: if, by mistake, you’re not wearing your sunglasses when posing, your hands need to be placed in the very proximity of your eyes / forehead, just in case.

Cindy Crawford red lipstick Harper s Bazaar Brazil

Third rule of modeling: if you’re still not wearing your sunglasses and you’re still posing, keep your eyes closed. The end of today’s modeling class, thank you all and especially Harper’s Bazaar Brazil! see you on the next (model) cover!

Cindy Crawford  Harper s Bazaar Brazil pictorial

Cindy Crawford Harpers Bazaar Brazil black and white Cindy Crawford sunglasses Harpers Bazaar Brazil Cindy Crawford Harpers Bazaar Brazil Oakley

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