Random Fashion Fact Of The Day: Stella McCartney, Vegan Fashion Designer

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Have I told you about my fashion reading routine? The daily kind? It involves around 2,000+ websites, personal blogs, tumblrs, pinterest pages. Every day. Every day I go through this endless press review end I end up picking around 5 or 6, sometimes more, sometimes less to talk about. Because reading / browsing through so much material is nothing unless I find that ‘sparkle’ to ignite my fashion interest.

Now: you know I like visiting Garance Dore’s website every now and then, see what she’s been up to. And I happen to find a little sparkle there. Something to brighten up my fashion day, something – like today – I end up watching for more than 10 minutes. 10. minutes. In fashion! It’s like 10 years in human time!

But what’s a minute when you’re listening to Stella McCartney talk? About life, fashion, being a vegan and a fashion designer at the same time? About keeping the balance straight between her personal life and her professional life? About her babies’ first encounter (cue – it’s the DJ). No, definitely not worth a second thought: 10 minutes watching Stella McCartney is a whole lotta fashion sparkle! Here, you try it, after the jump!

Stella McCartney interview with Garance Dore

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