Jeggings (Treggings) Are The New It Pants?

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How comes that when your only fash-wish is to see a certain designated trend disappearing at the speed of light it only bounces back, even stronger, more hideous, more tasteless than ever?

Exporting Topshop wasn’t just about the store, it’s about the getting-topshop-dressed! Everybody (and their dog) complains about Lindsay Lohan’s leggings. Every-fash-body knows that wide-leg jeans are so in right now, that they’re Beyond! But what do you make of all that fash-good sense when Topshop comes with Treggings saying that they’re the must? Jeans made of Leggings? With back pockets? And now they’re going washed-grey because Whitney Port said so? Skinny/curvy/fash- girls and boys out there, do you really declare the Jeggings/Treggings the new It pants for 2009/2010? (via 1, 2)

Jeggings Treggings Whitney Port


#1 Adriana on 05.23.09 at 6:46 am

Ugh! Only for skinny and young, very young girls?
No one dictates me ever anything!

#2 Denise on 06.02.09 at 3:48 pm

OMG…I think I had a pair of these when I was pregnant…TEN YEARS AGO!!!

#3 Noa on 08.31.09 at 6:18 am

am a big leggings fan myself, so why not?

#4 JAN on 09.01.09 at 6:30 pm


#5 Tavia on 09.02.09 at 2:45 pm

I think you must be more than skinny to look good in this kind of….stuff. You must be rexy. They are just not my style:)

#6 Sandra on 09.15.09 at 1:31 pm

Well, sometimes they look really disgusting, as well as any unusual thing does, but I’ve seen some great looks with treggins.

so the problem is not in treggins, but in the way people wear them)

they can be worn in so tasteless way just because of that madness around Topshop, people believe that everything bought there is absolutely stylish=)

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