Alexander Wang Funny Spring 2013 Commercial, Bags Deal With Samsung

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Go around it all you want, fact is that designer collaborations happen. And some of them are really kind of interesting and appealing. This piece started out with an advertorial pretext, the new Alexander Wang Spring 2013 commercial being released and acclaimed, so I will talk about that first and then get to the actual interest for the collaboration.

And that’s partly because of the commercial’s cast: who, among us, would mind walking into a store and bumping into Alessandra Ambrosio? Or Simon Doonan? Or A$AP Rocky? Or Shannan Click? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the actual store with all these people buzzing around me.

But then again, when the store’s personnel are Bon Qui Qui (Anjelah Johnson) and Natasha Lyonne, all that’s left is to sit back, relax and enjoy it. All. And I hope you will to, just press play!

Now, for the technical sheet: directed by Gavin McInnes and shot by Rob Gilbert, this was carefully styled for your consideration by Alastair McKimm with hair by Kennie Johnson, Makeup by James Boehmer for Nars and nails by Tracy Lee.

Back to that collaboration – which involves a bit more than fancy pretty people and good, hearty laughs: Alexander Wang is working on a new bag! Bam! Now, to put in the fancy words of Calvin Candie: now, that I got your curiosity, it’s about time you give me your attention as well! Alexander Wang is having his talented self and his talented team of stylists, photographers and friends to capture images on their Samsung Galaxy Notes II and then use the images to print them and make the bag with them prints on!

Alexander Wang collaborates with Samsung

This most generous Samsung project, however, is not for nothing either as wwd reports that proceeds from the sale will go to charity. ArtStart, the NY based charity taking care of the at – risk kids & youngsters’ creative potential. Well, any excuse is good for a new bag, so…

But you know what? I wouldn’t mind getting some pictures on a Samsung Galaxy Note II – more – get my friends & family take pictures with their Samsung Galaxy Notes too and then play print & bag those prints! Now all I need is the Galaxy Note… (wink)

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