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Stylish Fun: Ryan Gosling Hey Girl 11 Fashion Memes
Hey Girls! I know you know your memes so let’s have some fun together! Are you familiar with Ryan Gosling’s Hey Girl meme? It’s been... Read More

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Random Fashion Fact Of The Day: UGGs No Goods
You ever felt like you wanted something (we’re talking fashion, don’t let that out of your sight) everybody was wearing? But somehow knew it wasn’t... Read More

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Random Fashion Fact Of The Day: Glitter Makes Fabulous
You remember my pink coming out? When I just laid all my fashion honesty cards on the table and said I’m definitely a pink kind... Read More

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2013 Inspiration Board: Pink!
How is 2013 treating you so far, my dahlings? How was your New Year’s Eve party? Or the very first day of 2013? How about... Read More

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Happiness Mix!
How is your weekend going, my dahlings? Amazing, I hope? Here’s a little something I haven’t done in a while: one of the Stylefrizz Mix... Read More

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Celebrate Your Life!
So… I was saying something about Cinco de Mayo? Any reason is good to celebrate! We have so much to celebrate! But let’s all agree... Read More

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The Smallest Things…
Today, my dahlings, is one of those very special days. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Sunday! Not even because it’s Earth Day!... Read More

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Up Fashion. Photography. Inspiration
One of my favorite movies ever: Up. I know I told you that before and I know you weren’t necessarily ready to hear it again.... Read More

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