Kate Moss New Favorite Boots: UGGs

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I can’t believe my eyes! Literally! Fashion’s golden model, Kate Moss (who is, coincidentally also on Vogue UK’s cover this month) has been recently photographed out and about wearing an interesting pair of black boots.

The boots in question look oddly similar to a pair of UGG boots. You know, the kind of boots banned by all style standards from fashionista’s wardrobes! Kate Moss approved the UGGs! Yaaay!

Kate Moss wearing UGG boots

I think it’s safe to assume that no matter how high on the fashion ladder one is, comfort is still reigning above all trends and styles. The Australian UGG boots have very successful sales for years on and countless famous people keep wearing them, regardless of the haute fashion snobbery dissing on the sheepskin flat boots.

Kate Moss boots black leather tall Uggs

Kate Moss tall black leather Uggs are available here

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They keep your feet warm during the cold weather months, they’re as flat as you can get and they actually make your legs look thinner do to their bulky silhouette! You’re in no circumstance to wear them for elegant occasions – just a quick reminder that they used to be the quick-warm solution for surfers getting back from the freezing cold water is enough to make you relate UGGs to flip-flop wearing situations!

Kate Moss boots suede sand UGGs

Kate Moss short suede sand Ugg Australia boots are available here

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Kate Moss boots short black suede UGGs

Kate Moss short black sheepskin Ugg Australia boots are available here

Kate was photographed over the years wearing either tall or short UGG Australia boots, in either black leather, suede black upper or the usual sand or chestnut. The boots are still available for you to purchase, should you want to replicate Kate’s looks (be careful about ordering your size, though as Uggs run larger and you should consider getting either your exact size or – should you be between sizes – a size smaller).

Kate Moss boots suede fur UGGs

the Ugg Australia Bailey Button boots as worn by Kate Moss above are available here


#1 Riana on 05.07.12 at 12:13 pm

I guess she’s photographed here in The Cotswolds. So I understand these boots are comfy to wear in that area. Seems normal to me. I been there a several times and wore most of the times strong boots or Palladium’s.
And we know Kate don’t care and that’s why I like her. Walking her doggy on UGGs. Good!

#2 Riana on 05.07.12 at 12:52 pm

Yep, I browsed the Daily Fail and this is indeed The Cotswolds!

#3 Riana on 05.07.12 at 4:20 pm

Oh dear, I do notice another fashion faux pas. The same one I’d notice some days ago on a photo of myself. Jeans and a jeans jacket in the late ’90’s! Oops….I couldn’t see my feet but I probably wore my brown Palladiums :D

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