Easiest 5 DIY T-Shirt Restyles You Must Try!

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… at which point you might very well be asking yourselves ‘why must I try that?’. I’ll give you just two reasons but very solid: because {one}: you surely have one or two tshirts just lying around in the darkness of your wardrobe for months and {two}: creativity&diy are such amazing motors for a happy life! If you’re not convinced but curious nevertheless, scroll down, you’ll see some DIY Tshirts you might want to try anyway! Because they’re fun, easy to do, gorgeous and…did I say fun already? Yeah, so let’s get to it!

{1} DIY Bleach T-shirt: this one is particularly fun because there are endless possibilities and it’s practically the easiest way to fancy up a tshirt without the extra $$$, restyle an old tee or just make it more ‘you’. From the tons of tutorials and ways to bleach a tee, I chose this DIY bleach bride t-shirt because it was made for a wonderful occasion (a wedding, duh!) and also because it’s so simple and incredibly catchy! (if this tutorial from SomethingTurquoise isn’t on your diy alley, hit the jump, there are 4 more you can choose to try!)

Simple DIY bleach pen T Shirt

{2} DIY Sharpie T-shirt: say you’re not in a bleach mood… How about a Sharpie then? Here’s one of the easiest DIY T-shirt personalization I’ve seen in a while: coming from the ever-so-creative PSImadethis. All you need is a water resistant marker and a t-shirt. Let the ideas flow and give it a mark! If it goes wrong, you can always try the DIY Bleach T-shirt above to erase the marker, right?

Simple DIY Sharpie T Shirt

{3} DIY Dipdye T-shirt: remember I said only the simplest, easiest howtos this time, right? The Dipdye has been around for ages and chances are your own mom or your dear nana tried it during their crafty young years. You don’t have to go all rainbows and flag dyes, you can try a single color for starters and see how it feels. I chose a blue dip-dye t-shirt to convince you that DIY Dipdye T-shirts are still highly fashionable and really simple to do (the pictures were taken by Alexandra Grablewski for Sweet Paul magazine)! Try a fabric dye or acrylic paint, dip just one end of the t-shirt in dye a couple of times and rinse downwards so the dye doesn’t go further on the t-shirt. Isn’t this neat?

Simple Dip Dye T Shirt

{4} DIY Cut-out back T-shirt: now we get to the fun scissors part! Cutting is one of the most therapeutically strange kinds of fun you can DIY. And DIY cut-out back T-shirts are so catchy and versatile! Be it horizontally or vertically, all you need is a pair of scissors and a simple T-shirt (could also be a man t-shirt). You can add lace trim like shown below (from the ingenious LoveMaegan) or just leave it be like the vertically shredded black t-shirt! Either way, it’s so easy, it’s worth trying for that reason alone!

simple DIY cut out T Shirt

Simple DIY Cut out back t shirt

{5} DIY Tank-Top T-shirt: summer is all about tank tops, isn’t it? I wear my tops two sizes up my regular size because I really dislike fabric sticking to my body during the sweaty season! This DIY tank top from the always-crafty Wobisobi speaks to me in heavenly whispers as, again, it doesn’t require a sewing academy or art school and I don’t have to be a diy master to make it from scratch! Namely a man t-shirt or any other loose tee you have on hand, a pair of scissors and chalk to mark the cuts before getting to the revamping part! Knot the shoulder parts together and you’re good to go!

Simple DIY Knotted Tank Top

All the diy ideas above are basic, simple creative re-styling you can do with tools you already have in your home. No sewing needed, not even the crafty glue gun! Because you know I’m a simple girl and I have simple pleasures: diy is one of them and today I wanted to show you how easy it can be!

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