Dare To Wear The Modern Vintage Jewelry By Irene Jung?

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Could you help me out with something? It’s been on my mind for almost a week now, so I can say it’s not a fully developed theory – just a hint. It occurred to me that there’s a time in every young / woman’s life when she’ll turn to vintage.

Make it about the self discovery, about the joys of personal inspiration and treasure hunting – the gold vintage hunters live among us. They spend their days searching high and low on the Vintage alley, proudly showing their captures after each session. Well, this one is for you! Irene Jung’s jewelry pieces bound together modern and vintage with a solid charm and natural elegance. (click through to see more pieces)

Irene Jung necklace Bliss white

Fashion is everywhere, and, most importantly, fashion is in everyone! Irene Jung, with her degree in Engineering from Berkeley started with furniture and moved her way up to jewelry. How is that possible? Talent, baby, sheer talent! After turning her apartment into a workshop for reworking, repurposing and basically giving a new life to old furniture, Irene’s accessorizing passion translated into jewelry. Which, by the looks of the finished products, is far from being bad news!

Irene Jung necklace Midnight Fling

I’m guessing you already have your heart set on one of them gorgeous necklaces – which one? I can’t really decide – but then again, I’m having a hard time setting my mind on any accessory beyond head pieces. I’ll grow up one day, I promise! (more preciousness on Irene Jung’s website here)

Irene Jung necklace Flutter

Irene Jung necklace Cherry Medley

Irene Jung necklace Single Red Rose


#1 sonya on 10.12.10 at 11:28 am

thumbs up! for re-purposing
they look great!
they are a bit flashy for my style
love them nonetheless.

i’ll check their website

#2 jahanara khan on 03.03.11 at 11:17 am

Wow I love these

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