Guide To Complete Makeover, The Jared Ledo Edition

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I’ve always wanted to do some magic with my makeup palette. The best I got so far is a straight, fine eyeliner line along the eyelashes! Come on, don’t laugh, I’m trying my best here, do you have any idea how many times / year do we get to go out just me and my Adored Husband? That’s when the eyeliner comes in strong! Otherwise, I’m telling you, four years old are completely immune to eyeliner tricks unless it’s meant to draw a Batman mask on your face!

Now getting back to the makeover trick of the day (slash viral video of the day): have you seen who’s looking back at you from the video below? It’s Jared Leto, my daaahlings! Gifted young actor turned musician. Now a gifted young woman will show us how to turn ourselves into Jared Leto! All you need is (apparently) six minutes of your precious time! That and a galaxy of talent! Have you tried anything like this at home?

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#1 cc on 10.11.10 at 5:21 pm

testing testing 123 (working? :)

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