Floral Dresses By Mattijs Van Bergen And Anouk Vogel

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We’ve seen this concept unraveling before in delicate, intricate constructions, haven’t we? There was something missing, the last time, however. Water. Life.

Now we have the chance to see these amazing flower dresses concepts kept alive by tubes and pipes filled with water. It’s actually a pretty amazing design, given that the dress can actually be flowers-refilled and rearranged. There’s no stopping the imaginative mind and the creative soul. The recycled bicycle inner tubes dresses imagined by fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen and landscape architect Anouk Vogel were made for a very special exhibition “Fashion & Architecture” (July 17th – September 11th 2010, the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture). Now the question is, like Marc Jacobs kindly puts it, where’s the fun in making clothes for museums? Couldn’t we also wear this kind of floral design? (hit the jump to see more images and a video) (via)

Flower dresses tulips

Flower dress

Flower dress Fashion Architecture exhibition

Flower dresses making of

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#1 Adriana on 08.18.10 at 6:12 am

The Dutch are awesome! :)
Keep an eye on Iris van Herpen the first lady in the video! She’s IT! ;)

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