Haute Couture Spring 2014 Style Highlights

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Before casting an overwhelming influencing light on fashion and style, Haute Couture is exactly what its name suggests: a higher state of sartorial things. The sublime elevation of wearable items during the Spring Summer 2014 season happened in France this month.

Above all exhilarating sewing and cutting masterful execution, some general outlines were noticed and, the most shocking of them all were sneakers in Haute Couture! Both Karl Lagerfeld and Raf Simons included sneakers in the designs they sent out the catwalk for Chanel and Christian Dior respectively.

Spring 2014 Couture highlights Chanel Dior

1. Haute Couture Sneakers

There were many athletic attires influences on the catwalk (hoodies chez Atelier Versace) and the footwear was just one of its manifestations. And the one that everyone (and their mother) noticed. Because – admittedly in the hope that we will, one day, hit the gym – we all own a pair of sneakers, right? So why not bring them out, flaunt them and get a good comfort walk while we’re at it? Mind you, better be girly sneakers like the kind we’ve seen chez Chanel and Dior or else you’ll look like an eternal gym runaway!

Haute Couture sneakers Chanel Dior

a closeup of the Couture Sneakers reveal intricate feminine details for Chanel (left) and Dior (right)

Spring 2014 Couture highlights hoodies Atelier Versace

Grace Jones inspired looks with hoodies walked down the catwalk for Atelier Versace

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2. Haute Couture Pants

One of the most fascinating clothing items ever created, the pants, received a well deserved highlighted position in the Spring 2014 Couture collections. The paramount sartorial execution of a well tailored pair of pants is not to be minimized. I hereby salute and embrace the haute representation of pants on almost each and every runway this season!

Spring 2014 Couture pants Vauthier Sergeenko MMM Schiaparelli

it’s hard to beat the elegance of a perfectly tailor pair of pants (from left to right): Alexandre Vauthier, Ulyana Sergeenko, Maison Martin Margiela, Schiaparelli

Spring 2014 Couture pants Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad designed quite a few pairs of pants ready to hit the Red Carpet (and more)

Spring 2014 Couture pants Armani Valentino Mabille

Armani Prive (left) included a wonderful pantsuit with delicate embroidery, just like Valentino Couture (middle) and Alexis Mabille (right)

Spring 2014 Couture pants Dior Versace Jarrar

classic glamour with jumpsuits from Dior (left) and Atelier Versace (middle) and edgy-casual couture from Bouchra Jarrar (right)

3. Haute Couture Bows

Girly, lovely bows were pretty much in every Couture collection for the Spring 2014 Season. Maybe in a conjugated effort to enlighten the omnipresent athletic coordinates, the designers included a bow or more bow details. Be it in jewelry (Dior) or clothing (Giambattista Valli, Viktor&Rolf) the bow is certified couture value!

Spring 2014 Couture bows Dior

so many girly bows chez Dior – the delicate bow jewelry will most definitely be a huge commercial success!

Spring 2014 Couture bows Viktor and Rolf

Viktor&Rolf presented their special collection on Ballerinas! The girly prints broke the edgy minimalism of the looks

Spring 2014 Couture bows Chanel Valli Schiaparelli

bows decorating the neckline chez Chanel (left), the bustier of a mini dress chez Giambattista Valli and a beautiful black bow on the head chez Schiaparelli (right)

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4. Haute Couture Flowers

Adding that much needed refined glory of Haute Couture’s endless working hours for a skirt embellishment to look just right, flowers were either applique or embroidered in many looks. With thread, beads or sequins, the nature was embedded in Couture (Valentino, Dior or birds chez Ulyana Sergeenko).

Spring 2014 Couture flowers Chanel Saab Valli

amazing embroideries with beautiful flowers: (from left to right) Chanel, Elie Saab, Giambattista Valli

Spring 2014 Couture flowers Dior Valentino

a closer look at Raf Simons’s designs for Dior Couture reveal an entire garden of tiny flowers and the Valentino Couture capes (right) reveal a flurry of butterflies and flowers

Spring 2014 Couture stars Schiaparelli MMM

Schiaparelli’s stars headband is dreamy while the starry printed coat from Maison Martin Margiela was artistically baroque

5. Haute Couture Art

Of course, fashion is an art in itself, just as exclusive, unforgiving, consuming and luxurious as any other. But! When it generously chooses to share the spotlight with graphic arts (and other arts as Viktor&Rolf decided to use real-life ballerinas to present their collection) it’s a magical moment!

Spring 2014 Couture art Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli’s multicultural collection was heavy in artistic details (left) while Alexis Mabille used a world of paper butterflies to present a very dressy Haute Couture collection (right)

Spring 2014 Couture art Maison Martin Margiela

paintings were transformed in fabric print and then developed in an amazing collection signed Maison Martin Margiela

Spring 2014 Couture art Dior

Raf Simons included artistic medallions in his dresses bustier, among fabulously sewn together flower petals

Making an impressive visual impact, the paintings transferred on fabric chez Maison Martin Margiela were an amazing manifestation of this bond between arts. Nature invaded the runway in the Oriental inspired designs imagined by the creative power duo fueling the Valentino house with critics accolades season after season, not to mention the models seeing butterflies in Alexis Mabille’s Grecian presentation. (images Getty/styledotcom)

Spring 2014 Couture art Viktor Rolf Valentino

Viktor and Rolf’s ballerinas and Valentino Couture’s oriental motifs brought an Haute air to the couture presentations

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