This May Be The Perfect Summer Hat!

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How do you deal with the summer heat, my dahlings? In our proud Frizz-attitude (which, need I remind you? is Rural and Proud), we’re trying to keep as natural as possible and among our summer-remedies I can proudly cite the benefits of coconut oil (for its natural UV protective qualities and moisturizing superlatives) or tea tree oil (for its natural anti-insects repellent virtues and disinfectant multiple usages).

And I would love to enlist this particularly ingenious wooden hat concept among those natural helpers against the overwhelming heat. What? what’s wrong with a regular hat? Have you really tried wearing a hat during the hot summer days? It will make your head boil underneath it!

innovative design wood hat

Tete-de-bois’ hats may just change the way we consider hats under the scorching sun! The Italian Brand behind these lovely creations, Newton & Son, was founded by Andrea Deppieri who has a keen eye for design and an architectural education. Should he make it big with his wooden hats, only time will tell, for the moment his unusual creation has received a lot of buzz in the press of genre so if you’re a fan of unusual design, you can keep your Tete de Bois hat on!

summer hat Italian design Tete de Bois

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#1 Appollonia on 06.26.13 at 9:55 am

That’s a fun hat! Is it possible to fold it? I own a hat (since ealy 90s) that’s made of recycled thick paper material. It’s possible to fold it together. So less room in ones trunk. The sun made the colour fade alas.

Ehhhh…..I always wear a sunhat when the sun shines bright. I wonder about the wood though….it’s not good for sun protection at all in my view. But I love the idea a lot. :)

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