Flowery Dresses By Nicole Dextras

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Take that literally! Much we’ve seen in fashion and we’re not shocked anymore by the various shapes and destinations fashion uses in the name of art. However, only few things so far proved to be this beautiful and yet so natural as Nicole Dextras’ creations.

Her Summer collection is entitled Weedrobes and it’s as sublime as it is ephemeral. The live plants as dresses brings together nature, sociology, religion and so much more in the name of fashion. For truly powerful symbols are carried out through these designs. From the Camellia Countessa dress to the Yucca Prom dress, there’s not a single piece from the Weedrobes collection that doesn’t impress me. While there’s much to discuss about the materials and the morals of Nicole Dextras’ fashion initiative, I’ll rather leave to the images to do the talking. Aren’t they impressive? (Nicole Dextras via Craftzine)

Camellia Countessa dress Nicole Dextras

Crab Apple Gown Nicole Dextras

Hydrangea Tournoure dress Nicole Dextras

Yucca prom dress Nicole Dextras

Cabbage Smock dress Nicole Dextras

Sunday Best dress Nicole Dextras


#1 Ellington on 04.27.10 at 9:07 am

Wow that is rather nifty and whisical!
It makes me think that this is what Titania and her court would wear. : )

#2 Luly on 06.05.10 at 11:40 am

I liked the all concept, its completely different. My fav is Yucca prom dress. =)

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