World’s Hottest Custom Baby Stroller The BatStroller!

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What? This may just be my Super day! My Super Day after Hump Day! Don’t you have a Super day? The most awesome stroller crossed my path today! Not literally, biensur, as I’m talking about my Super interwebs day!

A perfect blend between an urban baby stroller and a Batmobile, the Batmobile inspired stroller is just the stroller your super baby needs! Together you will stroll the streets of Gotham… ahem any city and you’ll feel in security and full awesomeness!

Roddlers/kidkustoms created this hybrid, and, like many other hybrids, it was only made for a special few. Bats. Ahem brats.

coolest stroller batmobile stroller kidkustoms

The Roddler is actually hand made from aluminum and stainless hardware with 10 custom colors available. Every product takes 10 weeks to make and is almost entirely customizable, even with fender graphics. How much for the entire shazam? $4,500 at kidkustoms dot com.

coolest stroller the roddler

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