Marc Jacobs Interviewed By Calvin Klein For Harper’s Bazaar

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What do we get when two designers meet? At the very best, a fruitful collaboration full of unexpected sartorial twists and turns. However, when the two designers meet to talk, we’re in trouble! Especially if one of them is Marc Jacobs!

I always had the feeling that whatever Marc Jacobs touches, instantly turns to gold. It’s because he’s a dedicated to selling. He couldn’t care less if you buy one of his items and then you toss it. All he cares is that someone can picture himself/herself wearing something he did.

Brilliant fellow, I give him that, he’s got a special extra sense for commercial success! Now there’s one little thing bugging me: why does he always take his clothes off when he’s involved in some fashion shoot? I mean… he should be all about clothes, right? I assure you it’s quite an interesting read, definitely worth your while. Right after the jump you’ll find few fragments, sure, taken out of the context, but it’s just a pre-taste, to make you want more. Which you’ll find here.)

Marc Jacobs without clothes

“…fashionwise, I’m not a guy who’s sartorial. I’m not Tom Ford in terms of the grooming and the knowledge of clothes and the precision and perfection of getting dressed. There’s nothing I can wear in this ad that isn’t going to look ridiculous. […]
Well, I did feel good about the way I looked, so it was easy and — well, a guy looks better to me with no clothes on than with clothes! How’s that? […]
…you can’t make a business out of what I would wear. We’d be out of business. […]
So it was hard to keep my clothes on, actually. And whenever I was asked to take my clothes off, I was like, “Sure! I haven’t worked out for three years to keep this all under wraps.”[…]
I’m not interested in making stuff for museums; I want the clothes to be worn. I don’t care if the girl sits on a curb in them after a party and they’re destroyed.”


#1 Ellington on 08.12.10 at 3:14 pm

Yea gads. He just HAD to be naked.
Its like that is all he is all about these days. :P

#2 Adriana on 08.13.10 at 6:52 am

Haha, at last I made a map ‘Interviews’ for bookmarks like this.
I’ve not read the interview properly enough but due to what I’ve read is that Marc is proud at his new body and therefore shows it off? He doesn’t look very happy so he shows that one thing he loves: his trained and new healthy body. He comes across as a lonesome man…….
Love his attitude towards clothes. Sounds down to earth to me because what are we talking about? Fashion, true it’s just clothing. We need to cover up ourselves right? And if we can do that in a nice way it’s the best.

#3 mdinah on 08.14.10 at 9:13 am

Does he really think he has a great body??? oh please….how far from reality…

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