Dare To Wear The Bike Tire Belts By Julien Jaborska?

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I have thought about cycling in many ways, but almost none of those implied wearing my bicycle tires! Maybe I’m just not such a biker after all…

Julien Jaborska’s new vision on recycling appeals to daring fashionistas looking for a waist thrill but also to bicycles fanatics who’ll wear anything-bike. With a daylight clear conviction that I, personally, wouldn’t wear Julien Jaborska’s – though eco ethical, still bike rubber tires at the end of the day – bike tire belts (maybe I’ll consider it if we’d ever come to wearing whatnots one day! Until then, I’d rather watch Mad Max few times over and think this is what he’d wear!) I politely ask thee: what do you think? Would you wear Julien’s $30 bike belts? (you can see more belts right after the jump; click here for the gallery!) (Rebicyclist via tJB)

Bike Tires Belts

Bike Tires Belts by Julien Jaborska

Bike Tires Belts Julien Jaborska

Bike Tires Belts 1 Bike Tires Belts 2 Bike Tires Belts 3

Bike Tires Belts 4 Bike Tires Belts 5

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#1 Ellington on 02.18.10 at 7:26 am

They are rather funky and practical. A neat way to be green and look cute. : )

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