5 Fashion Meets Art Installation You Should See

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Although Fashion is a form of Art, the financial factor has swept pretty much everything in his path to becoming the master influence of all trends and fashions. As it was to be expected, the artistic factor being of secondary importance, it is usually undermined by the big $$$. Fashion lost a lot of its value as Art and gained more on the stock market.

But in those rare occasions we’re treated with true creativity, with genuine artistic inspiration in fashion but also fashion inspired installation/exhibitions/artistic releases of any kind, it would a true loss not to discuss them and highlight them as they’re worth. Today I’d like us to concentrate on five of those instances some of them dealing with traditional clothing items in a new perspective, some with unconventional material used as fabric.

Origami fashion dresses Morana Kranjec

A highly impressive art as it is, the art of folding paper is fascinating for a mere outsider like myself who has two left hands when it comes to taming a sheet of blank paper into a swan or a flower, let alone into a dress! But there are very talented people out there who found ways of turning paper origami into wearable dresses, like Morana Kranjec who presented her work during the London Fashion Week. Aren’t these gowns catwalk-worthy?

Jule Waibel folding collection bags dresses

And how about these folded wonders that use the same basic paper folding technique into their advantage, as part of a project named Entfaltung (German for unfolding). Its author, Jule Waibel worked on the versatility and the whimsicality of such materials allowing certain liberties in the fashion creative process that are borderline artistic and viceversa.

Bela Borsodi clothing faces

Twisting and turning, folding and molding, that’s how clothing faces came to be. A visual collection of conventional wardrobe contents transformed into very expressive faces. It’s just another face of fashion, authored by NY-based photographer Bela Borsodi.

clothing faces installation

Camouflage is yet another facet of visual art conveying so many more forms of art into a complex expression of one’s creativity and talent. Fashion-related? Definitely, for what is our primary source of inspiration if not the very surrounding nature? More so: one of the images from Johannes Stotter reminds me so much of one of the advertising campaigns from the house of McQueen… Can you guess which?

extraordinary camouflage body painting

And finally (today): have you ever considered that the daily chores are your daily workout routine? Just think of those giant baskets of laundry to fold and return to its original wardrobe… Does these Body Builder installations from photographer Jess Bonham and set designer Anna Lomax look anything like your weekly homedoings? Yeah.. I thought so…. Now you have one more excuse for not doing your workout!

Body Builder artistic installation

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