10 Fabulous Indie Bags You Should See!

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It all starts with a need: so I went out a couple of days ago (date night) and I was wearing this completely fabulous 70s getup with a micro mini denim skirt and a paisley shirt, my favorite suede sandals and I couldn’t find a single handbag to match the look!

By the time I finished searching, my closet was thrown out all over the bedroom floor and I had to stomp over a stew of dresses, tees and such spiced generously with belts, scarves and bags. All that for nothing – I had not found the right bag so I settled for a small multicolored Peruvian bag. And promised myself I would turn the internet upside down for the right bag to wear! Long story short, here’s what I found and I need to share – fabulous handbags, completely off the mainstream radar:

10 fabulous indie bags to wear

1. The Cool Shopper

I love me a good Shopper bag because I always carry a small messenger and if I have to buy something, I don’t like shopping plastic bags or paper bags with the brands on. So I would just stuff my occasional shopping goods into a fancy shopper! Chris Van Veghel’s Shoppers are fabulous – the simplicity and the great appeal of the two-toned canvas speaks volumes to my heart! (and many of the label’s other bags do too – a lot of minimalist design with an unbelievable functional charm, like this double duty backpack)

two toned shopper chris van vengel etsy

2. The Unisex Backpack

Mimi Atsopardi’s design is so approachable and the bags look so sturdy yet the concept is wearable and stylish at the same time. Perhaps it was the name or just my faiblesse for rugged out bags: meet Achilles by Iyiami, the canvas and leather backpack for both men and women! The interior is fully lined in cotton and it would be equally useful for gym or weekend escapes or commuting purposes!

unisex canvas leather backpack iyiami etsy

3. The Exquisite Clutch

You might have noticed the bag in the first image of this story: unusual and quirky will always draw my eye and spark my curiosity! The Great White wood clutch by Tesler Mendelovitch perfectly fits that pattern and as a plus – it’s made of 100% birch wood which happens to be one of my favorite trees.

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An architectural approach to the old utilitarian object, this bag is a style statement by itself! Handcrafted and made to order with utmost attention and care, this clutch is lightweight and offers generous interior space lined with black dyed leather.

exquisite wood clutch

4. The Foldable Urban Bag

The Urban bag by excellence, this Foldable Uma Handbag by Ascoli is every practical city lady’s dream! Perfect for travels or for daily chores it’s so roomy yet folds like a tshirt! The leather is as soft as you can only dream about as the bag is handmade in Italy in a longstanding family tradition. Yet they somehow took tradition to a new level of modern and iconic at the same time!

urban foldable bag Ascoli

5. The Natural Crossbody Bag

A no-fuss linen bag organic dyed for everyday wear? Why, yes! Thank you! It looks so natural and comforting, so casual and so authentic, I would love to give it a run around town and more! They say there’s a ‘new minimalism’ trend around and the boho spirit is still celebrated as a new style to wear just a season – nothing more wrong! Minimalism and bohemian have always been there and will always be my favorite fashion approach in my quest to utmost comfort and authenticity!

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Yorktownroad‘s Starbust Pleated Crossbody Bag is one of those linen wonders I would keep close all summer long. And more!

linen natural crossbody bag etsy

6. The Minimalist Crossbody Bag

You know how you sometimes need to look beyond the form and only focus on the function of a handbag? Like when you’re desperately looking for something that’s buried deep on the very distant bottom of your bag you never knew could be so deep and cluttered before? That’s when I need the simplest, easiest bag ever made! And I think I just found it – the gray leather crossbody bag by Cyan!

minimalist leather crossbody bag Cyan

7. The Convertible Backpack

I love my bicycling moments. And although I tend to go on fitness rolls, I sometimes need to bring my backpack for the ride. Sure, sports backpacks are great and hi-tech, but what if I require more style than a sports brands could ever give me?

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Meet the convertible backpack from canvas waxed by hand by the lovely people at Anhaicabagworks! The care, the attention, the work put into this backpack alone make me want to have it! Add to that the functional carrying utility around the bike and you just met my dream bike backpack!

the perfect convertible backpack

8. The Metallic Bag

For days when you just feel like adding a bit of shine but don’t overdo – Gemalou‘s metallic silver pink bag seems like the perfect answer. Girly but not too much, glamorous but not over the top, practical yet fashionable, I would love to carry this bag around! Summer or winter, there’s no seasonal impediment for this bag.

metallic tote bag geometric etsy

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9. The Soft Distressed Tote

It’s like leaving the best for last: this Soft Sling bag from Rough and Tumble Design is among my favorite bags ever. The super wearable tote combined with the distressed look, the color, everything about this bag works like a charm! I’m enchanted and oh-so-pleased that something so simple can be so useful and visually perfect at the same time. Again, this is a selection I made after my own heart, don’t be surprised if I praise and acclaim every item (wink)

soft distressed tote bag

10. The Essential Clutches

Could. Not. Choose. One. Sorry. Actually.. I’m not that sorry! I like them both so much and I just couldn’t let myself limited by the ’10 items’ title. The marbled dye wallet is unspeakably beautiful to me – I just love marbled-anything! And the uniqueness of each marbling pattern is yet another reason to love this Neva Opet wallet!

unique marbled wallet clutch

With the orange leather clutch the story is almost completely different: I have this serious weakness for orange – but only in small amounts! I think it makes a fabulous difference to one’s mood: the color is warm yet so refreshing and happy, it instantly boosts my mood just by looking at it! More so since its designer, Anastasia Koutsikou lives and works In Athens, Greece – just imagine all that sunshine stitched in a bag!

orange clutch etsy

I chose all these bags because I think the care for detail, the handwork and the love put into every stitch of these handbags makes up for all the brands and the couture labels of the world! Also – in case any of you were looking for a new addition to your purses collection, I hope this modest selection can help you make your mind or at least consider more options! This story is purely inspirational and in no commercial way tied to the items included herein or their designers!


#1 Ana on 08.10.15 at 9:37 am

I am seriously coveting that wooden clutch. I love it

#2 kpriss on 08.18.15 at 6:32 am

I know, right? That wooden clutch is dreamy! (not an easy price tag, though, upward of $700…)

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