7 DIY Bags You Could Do Using Plain Tshirts!

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Sometimes a DIY a day can keep the doctor away! Seriously – have you tried the magic of Do-it-yourself? There’s a really unique satisfaction to upcycling, transforming and adapting something you already own into something entirely new!

We’ve talked about diy tshirts before, and recycling them doesn’t stop at restyling or reinventing the actual tshirt but it can also be taken a step further: turning a tshirt into a bag! Here’s 6 different ways to do that:

7 bags from tshirts easy quick diy

DIY Tshirt into cutout shopping bag

It doesn’t get any simpler, really! All you need is a sewing machine to seal the bottom of the future bag. If you don’t plan on stuffing the bag with groceries or heavy items, you can skip the sewing machine entirely – especially if you’re like me and your sewing machines just die on you for no reason. Use the glue gun instead to seal the bottom of the bag!

diy cutout bag tshirt

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DIY Tshirt into fringed tote

Now here’s where you can skip the sewing machine and the glue gun – actually you only need a pair of scissors for this DIY project – take a tshirt and cut out the arms, turning it into a tank top. Cut fringes at the hem of the tshirt, rather long, because you’ll be knotting them together, to ensure that your bag doesn’t have holes at the bottom. Knot the ‘handles’ for a pretty look and you’re all set!

diy no sew bag from tshirt

DIY Tshirt into bow tote

Pretty much like the one before, this tshirt loses its sleeves and gets a stitch at the bottom to seal the bag. Use the remaining sleeves to make a bow and decorate your bag – you can either sew the bow on the bag or glue it on. The feminine chic, voila!

diy bow shoulder bag from tshirt

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DIY Tshirt into shoulder bag

This looks like the perfect project for summer bags – you can use printed tshirts, something with a playful motif and vivid colors – just look at this funky striped one with orange zipper from PS… I made this! I love the innovative approach to this DIY project as it requires no dramatic sewing – just rubber bands to keep the loose extremities in place! However, sewing a zipper is rather tough as we’ve all seen how stiff and thick the zipper fabric is! The end result is oh-so-worth it, though!

diy zipper shoulder bag from tshirt

DIY Tshirt into backpack

Now this is a more advanced project because it requires also more supplies and a sewing machine to get it done! You’ll need thick rope, in the color of your choice, and stitching done on the contour of the tshirt like shown in the picture! If you have a printed tshirt, the effect is lovelier even! You can make these for your kids to carry to preschool or even for the school lunch. You can make these for the park play duty or for picnics, either way they look pretty are really easy to do once you get the hang of it!

diy backpack from tshirt

DIY Tshirt into studded tote

Saving the best for last with this metallic accessorized tote! Our reader and friend Ellington suggested this DIY project and I’ve been enamored with it ever since! At such point that I decided to create my own rendition of this particularly catchy bag:

tshirt into studded bag diy

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DIY TShirt into Chain Tote with tassels no sew

I used a plain tshirt, solid black color, silver craft chain (scissors). Cutting out the arms and saving them for further transformation (the fringed tassels), I sealed the bottom of the bag by knotting the fringed hem – because I didn’t want those knots to be visible, I hid them inside the bag. I usually tend to over-stuff my tote, so I made sure the bottom of the bag was secure enough to keep all my belongings within the bag.

diy chain tote how to

I then attacked the handles with the craft chain I separated the handles with the scissors along the seams which allowed the handles to be thin and flexible enough to go through the chain hoops, securing the two sides of the handle with a knot and the extremities also with a knot from the separated fabric. I used the remaining chain to attach the tassels to the handles for that Chanel air (wink).

diy no sew tote

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I hope you liked these DIY projects and don’t take my word for it, try it yourself – at least one DIY a week, if not a day, will definitely keep the doctor away! (the images included were credited where possible, please let me know if you recognize the images and you know their original owner for proper crediting! the last bag was made by me, so are all the images)


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Glad to see this post! It is fun! : )

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Thank you Ellington! You were my inspiration!

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