Spring Summer 2015 Shoes And Bags You Need: Haute Couture Spring 2015 Accessories Report

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We just talked about the clothes seen in the Haute Couture shows for the Spring Summer 2015 season drawing the main trends lines for the next couple of months. Now let’s tackle the hot accessories: shoes and bags!

Buckles and straps, chunky heels, plastic and exotic materials and folk elements – these are the main coordinates of the new collections presented by the most appreciated fashion designers in their Couture approach. Unlikely couplings, classic silhouettes and deja-vu with new a new perfume, let’s see the new creations!

shoes bags trends couture spring summer 2015

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Buckled straps & Exotic materials

Haute Couture is not for everyday wear, hence the multitude of rather uncomfortable details such as spaghetti thin straps with tiny buckles – have you tried walking or standing in this type of sandals for more than… 30 minutes? I did! I swear I think I still have the straps marks on my feet! At 15 minutes through wearing them, I felt like they were piercing through my skin. After 25 minutes of wearing them, I knew they already pierced my skin and were now strapped directly onto the bones! I’m sure I would’ve felt so much better knowing the straps were covered in crystals! Laser-cutting through my delicate feet skin!

shoes trends 2015 buckled straps exotic materials

Sixties heels

Haute Couture can be friendly with one’s feet, though! This type of square-ish, chunky heel stands proof to the HC friendliness. However, save from a couple of exceptions, being feet-friendly also means a serious cutback on beauty! The Chanel booties were an exquisite example of hideousness!

shoes trends 2015 sixties heels

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Metallics & transparency

Haute Couture is supposed to be exquisite and fabulous! Nothing can say precious better than metallics and nothing screams ‘fantastic!’ better than layered transparency over precious materials – lace and plastic? Be still my heart! Too bad such a confined bootie will deliver such perspiration, thusly ruining the final effect of such fine footwear!

shoes trends 2015 metallics transparency

Folk bags

Haute Couture loves folklore – as a source of inspiration, folklore brings the uniqueness and richness so craved-after by HC customers! The attention to detail and the modern approach of ethnicity can deliver fabulous results, such as the Ulyana Sergeenko designs presented in the SS Haute Couture collection. Beautiful, intricate and funny in a sartorial way, of course!

handbags trends 2015 folk bags


#1 Ellington on 03.10.15 at 11:16 am

I really love the Sixties heels!
My favourite of all the looks. : )
Funky and Mod!

#2 Adriana V on 03.23.15 at 1:40 pm

And mine! I’m looking everywhere to get myself a pair of ankle or calve booties with the sixties heel. Stylish, comfortable and fun! Just what the doctor ordered. :)

#3 kpriss on 03.24.15 at 1:41 am

oh! the sensitive nerve you pinched there, both! A velvety pair of ankle booties <3 what a dream!
although I'm now focused on Hasbeens - an old obsession since I broke a slingback's heel on a spider! What? I was pregnant, mind you! it was for the baby (lol) ! Who am I kidding? I still can't get what I was thinking, kicking that spider with the wooden heel! (crying inconsolably)

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