Paris Exclusive Jewelry Collection

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No good news is old news! I wondered what life can be for someone who lost (almost) every penny… And thinking about that, and a solution for everyone to apply in order to make their life wonderful all over again, I came across this incredibly beautiful line of jewelry from our favorite disinherited heiress..

Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal in an exclusive design to meet fans taste. Let’s take a look…

Silver and Crystal Star Pendant Silver and Crystal Heart Earrings Silver and Crystal Multi-Cross Necklace

Oh, this sterling silver and crystal Star Pendant just took my breath away! I’ve never seen such defying ugliness since I was accessorizing my Barbie-Dolls with plastic jewelry.
Definitely, this sterling silver and crystal Heart Earrings came into a cereals box and she didn’t know how to get rid of them…
Save the best for last: the sterling silver and crystal Multi Cross Necklace features 7 pendants, all in form of cross. Now, if she was to pay a tribute for each sin she’d committed, I truly doubt it for there must be more than seven! Maybe she just fell out of inspiration (haha!) and repeatedly filled the chain with cross-signs so everyone, even God, will forgive her lack of taste in the matter.

I’m not saying that was all for the collection in cause, I’m just not putting up with this anymore, out of respect for you!

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