Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango (Once More)

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The world can’t get enough of them Cruz sisters! Or at least the Mango enjoy-ers. Penelope and Mónica signed another collection for the high street fashion giant. (or is it that nobody was available for the new season?).

The 38-piece collection features ads campaign shot by Mert and Marcus (need I remind you that the last Louis Vuitton campaign wears the same Alas-Piggott duo signature?) with the two sisters resembling like twins. The designs are in the general trend of celebrities designing for high street fashion labels:

red-carpet-inspired evening wear, jeans, knits and daywear based on vintage pieces from their own wardrobes.

Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango Spring Summer 2008

Wonder why, if it was such a smashing-hit-collection (the first one), the Cruz-Mango line is a “limited edition” one… Could it be that, actually, it doesn’t sell that good?

If this Mango Mert and Marcus ad campaign doesn’t strike you as weird, then think about all those tabloids flooded with the Cruz brother’s music video starring his two sisters kissing each other.

Is marketing getting out of resources? Or are the two so desperate to get attention that they’re willing to cross over any moral boundaries?


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