The Desert Prada Store

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This is one fashion paradox explained by architectural conceptual symbolism: a store in plain desert, store under the proud flag of Prada.

..the combination of a vast, open desert landscape in an un-populated area and a luxury goods store is completely unthinkable. nature suits fashion as a visual backdrop, as one often sees in advertisement. the minimal, corporate prada design and the desolate surrounding ranch land make a great impression together, but simultaneously the two forces also render each other useless.

Prada Store in Marfa Texas
Prada Store in Marfa Texas Daylight Prada Store in Marfa Texas Night

The theory was confirmed in practice – the bags and shoes line up untouched since 2005 near Marfa, Texas in which store money has never been handed and people were very rare to see (I wander if they keep someone in the store all the time, or if there is an actual schedule for this spooky work-of-art-crazy-design stunt.. Then again, if someone is indeed hired on regular program schedule, he or she should at least be champion of some arcade game on a portable device.. or at least studying for some university degree, or plain dying bored after two days!).
Anyway, this was the Prada Marfa, Texas, the loneliest store in the world! (oh, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about all those gorgeous handbags and shoes all by themselves in the desert!)

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