2016 Critics Choice Awards Washed Out Red Carpet

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When did this happened and why did we let it? When I initially saw the Golden Globes Red Carpet defile backsplash in that pale aqua color, I thought it wasn’t important. But then it happened again, a week later, for the 2016 edition of the Critics Choice Awards: aqua ‘red carpet’? Seriously?

After all, who isn’t expecting for the Oscars to be just as pale (pun intended)? Like you were so rightfully observing: the awards season just isn’t what it used to be! I thought I’d better let this event slide, that’’s how disappointed I was with the pale-ness of it all! My idea is perfectly illustrated by Leslie Mann in her Monique Lhuillier ombre dress (scroll down to see it)!

2016 critics choice awards red carpet

Not too long, not too short, not too risqué yet not too classical either, Leslie Mann was oh-so beautifully dressed on the 2016 Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet… ahem aqua carpet! Multiple shades of opal, iridescent, blue-ish, peaches dresses were fed by the honorable stylists to their famous clientele. Among them, a handful of black dresses and that would safely resume the totality of the Critics Choice Red Carpet gowns.

2016 critics choice awards red carpet dresses Helen Mirren Leslie Mann

I would also like to extend my appreciation to Helen Mirren who is usually extraordinarily tasteful and – luckily – she made no exception for the 2016 Critics Choice Awards by wearing a flowery Dolce&Gabbana dress. Thank you, Dame Mirren, for such an honestly stylish, relaxed appearance! A special mention here for Zoe Kravitz whose Dior Couture ensemble was a refreshing sight on a dull Red Carpet – at least she reminded me of a time when fashion was less professional on the Red Carpet!

2016 critics choice awards red carpet dresses Zoe Kravitz Alicia Vikander

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If it weren’t an accident, Alicia Vikander’s Mary Katrantzou dress would also have had my unreserved dose of applause. However, since she’s still at the mercy of stylists, we’ll never know if what she’ll be wearing on her next Red Carpet is going to flop or dazzle. So while I admire Alicia for her acting talent, I think has more to proof fashion-wise to convince me she actually has a true sense of style.

2016 critics choice awards red carpet dresses Rachel McAdams Marisa Tomei

As opposed to Miss Vikander, Rachel McAdams used to make such lovely Red Carpet appearances! This season seems to be a rather disappointing one with yet another low-fashion statement in Elie Saab Couture. I wonder if her stylist is really trying to demonstrate great designers can flop with Lanvin’s Golden Globes dress and this Elie Saab weirdness. Marisa Tomei chose a playful Zuhair Murad dress to make quite an impression on the Red Carpet. And she did. However, I think everyone agreed that Marisa Tomei’s look was far from being a hit. Far from hitting any good style note, actually… Better luck next time, Marisa! (changing your stylist might help)

2016 critics choice awards red carpet dresses Rosie Huntington Whiteley Liv Tyler

Now onto the safe black dresses: Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s Saint Laurent was my favorite, Liv Tyler was my heartthrob with her round pregnant tummy in a tight black Cushnie et Ochs. Bryce Dallas Howard’s Balmain was utterly ill-fitting while Emmy Rossum’s Dior was a great, shiny slit disappointment. Oh, and has anyone seen how Jennifer Jason Leigh seems to be stuck in ‘The Hateful 8’ attitude?

2016 critics choice awards dresses Bryce Dallas Howard Emmy Rossum Jennifer Jason Leigh

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As much as I love Amy Shumer, her too-simple Calvin Klein white dress didn’t help her shine at all. Kate Beckinsale’s Monique Lhuillier was a stunner (isn’t she always?) even if her dress wasn’t all that outstanding, sadly. Niecy Nash’s Gauri & Nainika’s soft pink dress, on the other hand, was superb. Something about the rest of the styling clashed, however – could’ve been the hair? Or the jewelry? You tell me, I haven’t made my mind just yet.

2016 critics choice awards dresses Amy Schumer Kate Beckinsale Niecy Nash

And, my, oh my! Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent – oh, dear! I guess one can’t have it all, luck in love and a nice dress, huh, Jen? Don’t worry, at the end of the day, happiness is what matters most, the dress goes back to the designer anyway! Kirsten Dunst ‘s Chanel Couture is also going back to Chanel. Actually… it would’ve been so much better to take it there before the Red Carpet and choose something else? Just a thought…

2016 critics choice awards red carpet dresses Jennifer Aniston Kristen Dunst

All eyes on Hayden Panettiere now as she went for such a heavy décolleté Maria Lucia Hohan dress, her curves ended up wearing her than the other way around! Hayden, sweetheart, we all know about your bust enhancement – every nip/tuck gone wrong becomes viral instantly… A special mention for Kristen Schaal and Melissa McCarthy, two of my absolute favorite funny ladies out there who always pick their gowns blindfolded and love to dress up in the dark.

2016 critics choice awards dresses Hayden Panettiere Kristen Schaal Melissa McCarthy

Enough talk, let’s see who else adopted the ‘washed out’ trend: Abigail Spencer, Yael Grobglas, Tiziana Roca, Sarah Paulson, January Jones (for the life of me, I can’t understand who dresses January Jones and why isn’t he or she getting fired after being so consistently on the worst dressed list for every event!).

2016 criticcs choice awards red carpet pale dresses

Jean Smart, Saorise Ronan, Laura Haddock, Gina Rodriguez and Kathryn Hahn to wrap the 2016 Critics Choice Awards on a sunny note. Every year I keep hoping things will go for the better and yet I only feel disappointed with every new Red Carpet. Fashion professionals should’ve made things better, turn the Red Carpet events into real style statements. Instead we’re more and more let down with the lack of originality and the flagrant lack of fashion spirit. Yes, stylists are the safety net, but we admire our actors and actresses not only for their interpreting talent but also for the human beings behind their on-screen characters. And we’d looove to see some genuine individuality, wouldn’t we? (images getty)

2016 criticcs choice awards red carpet colorful dresses

UPDATE: Picking up Cate’s challenge (yes, how about that, huh? finally acknowledging and awarding Luther?) and trying to keep it to a minimum (please, don’t get me started on Luther! I can’t find the right words to describe the feeling of utter admiration and love for this series and all the people working on it! Idris Elba has given so much to Luther that I wouldn’t even feel comfortable with him eventually playing Bond. It would be unfair to DCI John Luther. Eventually I would move on if I’d had to, but Idris will forever be Luther in my head, and the other way around. Gosh, that coat! sigh! ^_^)

Massive Attack’s Paradise Circus – so becoming, such a perfect match! The music I love the most as opening sequence for the series I loved the most!


#1 Cate on 01.25.16 at 10:08 am

Overall pretty drab. I like Kirsten Dunst – her dress is unique. Also she won for Fargo which is highly entertaining & Kirsten is superbly kooky in it. Our fan crush Idris Elba won – no photo ???

#2 Theodora on 01.25.16 at 4:38 pm

Fashion wise it was quite a boring event.
The blue YSL is horrible and soooo badly made , I have no words, really. The black one is quite stricking nevertheless. Rumour says H Slimane will be out after showing in Feb. and I hope so as I never liked him .
The black Dior and the lady in pink are my favourites.

#3 kpriss on 01.26.16 at 1:30 am

how the mighty heads keep rolling!
well, I guess that leaves us with the grand Galliano to follow only (I can’t say I’m displeased ^_^)

#4 kpriss on 01.26.16 at 1:33 am

Kirsten can never go wrong. her dresses sometimes go beyond. She has that unique vintage-y approach to everything, all in being intensely fresh and youthful! And yay for Fargo! It seems to be a season for Hollywood to catch up on too long snubbed (hello Leo! ^_^)

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