How To Shop Sales The Smart Way!

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Or how I keep sane in a sales madness! I’ve been prophesying lately about the wonders of Stylefrizz’ new orientation. Yes, less is more. But don’t you suddenly feel like you need so much just to keep it simple?

Like.. an entirely new wardrobe? An entirely new home décor layout? A new bag, at least a new pair of shoes and definitely a new office chair? Not to mention a new hairdo! And when all these happen in the middle of the sales season, how do you keep focus and think about ‘less’ when you want so much more? Here, I’ll go first: I’ll tell you how I try to keep sane and try to shop right and then you tell me how you do it and we compare notes and methods and come up with a really functional one, k?

how to shop sales the smart way

Pre-sales: make a wishlist

how to shop sales the smart way first wishlist

There’s a mandatory thing to do before the sale season begins: browse through all your favorite stores online boutiques and make a wishlist of what you think would be good for you. Considering I’ve decided to focus on simpler things (to wear, to do, to decorate), I’m going for some simple, basic items in simple colors. They’ll help me build a timeless, multi purpose wardrobe and consolidate my style.

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This applies, of course, for clothes, accessories (shoes, bags & more) but also for home decoration items I often stumble upon and dream of cramming into my noisy kids ruled crib. So after I browse and choose what I would love to have and to wear, I sometimes go back after two days and see if I feel the same or need to take some things off the list. Check and double check.

During sales: make a large selection

how to shop sales the smart way second select

During the sale season, although we’re all expected to act like vultures and spot the right thing and snap it in a blink, I like to take my time. Because I have my mind set on basic pieces, I afford the patience – usually the latest ‘trends’ are the one to sellout faster while ‘boring’ simple items linger for a couple of days in stock.

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Just as I did before, after I’ve selected a generous amount of things I’d like to buy and placed them in my shopping cart, I then go through them again. A couple of hours later. Yes, time is precious during the sale season, you need to keep your eye on those passing minutes! After I’ve reviewed my shopping cart, I do the math and see if the most expensive items in my cart are really worth investing in (think about your daily routine, about the times you’ll get to wear the items you’ve selected, about the fabrics and care instructions and about the size too – you needn’t compromise on the size or the color, actually you need not compromise at all! There’s so much fish in the sea, so many fashion stores with great offerings!)

Compare prices from different stores, you don’t have to lay all your eggs in one basket, make sure you’ve found the best offer and the best conditions (transport & returns fees, customer service).

During sales: trim your shopping cart

how to shop sales the smart way third trim

Go through everything you’ve selected and make sure you’re absolutely convinced about the utility, the timelessness, versatility and matching style of everything you’re about to buy. I sometimes like to tempt the devil and let the hours pass, even days, before I commit to actually make the purchase. It’s not the best strategy, but one that suits me as I’m an extremely compulsive shopper especially when it comes to accessories or nice prices.

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If some of the items you’re interested in have reviews or comments, it would also be extremely helpful in making the right decision (think about the true fit to size or about how sturdy the construction of the said item is). Many customers share their shopping/wearing experience and I’ve come to appreciate that kind of feedback over the years as some shoes don’t fit the specified size or some pants have a better construction for a particular type of body (curvy or not) so on and so forth.

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If there’s a ‘catwalk’ option on the item, don’t hesitate in playing it repeatedly to see how the item fits and moves. Some dresses get stuck in all the wrong places and some pants aren’t flattering despite of being all fashionable or flawless in every other way.

Final step: be a mindful buyer

how to shop sales the smart way be mindful

If you’ve been careful about your shopping cart, you’ll end up making a great deal, smart and thoughtful that would take you a long way. Both mentally and physically. If you’re not sure about something, don’t buy it! Or think about a plan B – to return it, sale it on ebay or save it for someone’s birthday (I know, it doesn’t sound nice, but there are times when this is a great option). Be mindful, sale items usually have the ‘morally correct’ price tag so it doesn’t mean that if a pair of jeans costs $300 when the new collection is launched it’s really worth that money!

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The fair price is usually the one you find in sales so don’t concentrate on how much the price has gone down but more about the quality of the item and the production costs behind it! We live in strange times when people are also suffering from obesity and hunger on different shores of the same ocean, the extra pair of jeans you long for equals a month of meals for some families! Be mindful and respectful and everything will be different!

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