Haute Couture Details: Valentino Spring Summer 2016

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I did say something about the Valentino maison and its in-house designers success earlier, haven’t I (when we discussed Dior HC)? That is if you all recovered well after the Super Bowl halftime regal with Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Queen Beyonce!

So if you came back to your senses – after all, even Beyonce herself almost fell during her performance, why wouldn’t you feel dazzled (now that I brought it up, how about Gaga’s National Anthem, huh? I was floored)? how about you sit back, relax and have some Haute Couture Details, then? From the Valentino Spring Summer 2016 Collection!

details Haute Couture Valentino Spring 2016

The entire show, per se (67 looks, mind you! Lagerfeld tried really hard to go above and beyond!) was a long and fluid procession as creepy as it was ethereal. The barefoot goddesses with that vestal look on their faces and that vestal overall approach only enhanced my visceral reaction to the supposedly poetic Valentino design.

Haute Couture detail Valentino Spring Summer 2016

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I will refrain myself from further comments as I am merely a spectator from afar who is only seeking pure sartorial enjoyment and not some secret-society alumni or fashion industry middleman trying to amp up my credits by praising whatever I lay my First Row eyes upon. So let’s get back to the craftsmanship and amaze myself at the beads and stitches (I also added the video of the fashion show at the end, just scroll down and watch it)!

Valentino Couture Spring 2016 details

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So much printed tulle in this collection playing on the transparency and the layering of the prints, I admit I was quite taken with the softness of the prints! Even if I’m not a big fan of mixing prints (perhaps because I’m afraid of mismatching), there were some fabulous patchworks on the Valentino Couture runway this season. Too bad they look too much like tapestry for my taste…

Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2016 details

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However, do notice the stitching details – they invite a clever do-it-yourself-er to get to work as soon as possible! Even if we don’t have the worn-out look, we can always recreate it on a piece of velvet and even paint it by hand (or stencil it), then stitch it with visible stitches on tulle, like a bib-decoration. I’m sure plenty of budget fashionistas out there will stencil their white dresses with gold paint this summer, to mimic the goddess-dresses seen on this catwalk!

Valentino Spring 2016 Couture

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I may not be in jewelry diy, but I will be on the lookout for these body chains – their unfinished, raw look is particularly appealing to my eyes and they would be perfect to structure a plain dress (I do have a particular one in mind right now, sitting at the bottom of my closet). However, if you find yourself particularly patient and have a way with the thread, you can always stitch some motifs on tulle and wear the thing like nobody’s Couture business!

Haute Couture Spring 2016 Valentino stitching

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Oh! And I did saw some pieces which were painfully similar to a particular home kimono I have. I could turn it into a day dress if I were to believe Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli! I get so many diy-ideas from Couture shows! Don’t you?

body chain  Summer 2016 Valentino Couture

blouse detail Couture Valentino Spring 2016

couture sequins Valntino Spring 2016

gold details Valentino Spring Couture 2016

sleeve detail Valentino Couture SS16

Couture embroidery Valentino Summer 2016

stitching sequins Valentino Spring 2016 Couture

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Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2016 craftsmanship

Valentino Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016

Valentino Spring Summer 2016 Couture


dragon Valentino Spring 2016 Couture

Haute Couture Valentino Spring 2016

Haute Couture Valentino Spring Summer 2016

tulle velvet stitching Valentino Couture Spring 2016

Valentino Couture details Spring 2016

Valentino Couture stitching Spring 2016

Valentino Haute Couture details Spring 2016

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#1 Theodora on 02.10.16 at 4:52 am

I think they are sending a message to the Saabs and Murads saying that you don’t need to be shinning like a chandelier to be elegant. Even the silhouette is more restrained, almost spartan at Valentino.
I didn’t like the barefeet but I can accept that helps to envelope the image more cohesively.
I am fine with the sheerness on the catwalk , so we can admire better the intrincacy of the details but I am totally against it ( ok, there are few exceptions) on the red carpet or public events.

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