Cesare Paciotti SS16 Ads: Alessandra Ambrosio Is Penelope Cruz Lookalike!

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It may be the ridiculously rippling effect ‘Zoolander 2’ has on us and on every media ever since the news broke out about its release. After all, January 2016 US Vogue’s cover was held by an Oscar contender who swept every award so far (Alicia Vikander) so February’s cover highlight is Zoolander in a tight embrace with Penelope Cruz.

Long introduction? It’s a long lasting effect, what can you do? Thing is, Cesare Paciotti unveiled its Spring Summer 2016 ad campaign with Alessia Ambrosio and Justice Joslin as photographed by Mariano Vivanco. And although the titled sat nicely above the images, making it impossible to be mistaken about the lady within, I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance with Penelope Cruz!

Penelope Cruz Alessandra Ambrosio Cesare Paciotti SS16 ad campaign

At such point that I honestly recommend Alessandra Ambrosio to double for Penelope Cruz on set! It’s a good visual for the campaign, subtly relying on the inherent publicity from Zoolander and pushing its best foot forward. Pun intended, biensur.

Alessandra Ambrosio Cesare Paciotti SS16 ad campaign vs Penelope Cruz

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As far as Alessandra Ambrosio goes and the never-before seen resemblance to Penelope, I need to elaborate this point because it’s not just the Latina in them that’s bringing them closer together. Sure, Penelope was born in Spain while Alessandra was born in Brazil so they’re world apart, but this campaign is complimenting both, regardless of the 7 year gap.

Alessandra Ambrosio Cesare Pactiotti 2016 ads vs Penelope Cruz Zoolander 2

I did notice, though, that in the Spring Summer season of 2010, Mariano Vivanco photographed Isabeli Fontana for Cezare Paciotti’s ad campaign in a similar style (at least as far as the makeup and poses go). The set was different back then, lush and bourgeois whereas now it’s more artistic and blunt, falling in another category altogether. Not the girls, though. Both Isabeli and Alessandra may very well be trapped in a ‘Latina’ stereotype or I may just as well be imagining things..

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Let’s discuss this, please, it’s hardly something you’ll find anywhere else as it’s been spawned by my hotheaded imagination burned by too many couture shots! (most of the images with Penelope Cruz were from Harper’s Bazaar Spain February 2016 and from Zoolander 2 promotional materials)

Isabeli Fontana Cesare Paciotti 2010 ad campaign

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