Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 Details: Dior

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Talking about Giambattista Valli and linking him to Dior (hypothetically and visually) demanded a short review of the Haute Couture details in the Spring Summer 2016 Christian Dior collection (with a short advertorial intermission and a quick Red Carpet gazing in-between).

The usual flowers, the usual layering and the usual palette, dare I say déja-vu, reign over the Couture catwalk at the Dior maison this Spring. The beads and the sequins magically shaping flowers and insects peaking from under skirts and sleeves, like nature trying to free itself from within the sartorial shapes.

Haute Couture Summer 2016 Dior details

Poetic? Slightly. I’ve always had a feeling of confinement when I looked at Christian Dior’s fashion shows. Not his, per se, his eponymous maison’s runway shows. Could be the too many corseted items or the too strict lady-ish thread everything seems to be stitched with. Either way, this new Couture exposé looks like a bird reclaiming its freedom from the restrains of a cage dorée.

Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 Dior

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I am far from being a fashion professional and I take no arrogant stand as a professional by-stander. I’m just expressing my very personal opinions and views. Which is an approach ever-so honest than the entire fraudulent fashion industry.

Dior Couture ss16 details

The house of Dior is blindly claiming its right at the fashion throne by the power invested in the new ‘creative it’: the collective. The power of two designing in-house. Will Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier repeat the success of the Valentino maison strategy? There’s no telling (just yet). So we just might go ahead and enjoy the beautiful details, the wonderful craftsmanship of these close-ups and the far fetched theory of a young design blood infusion, proceeding to deconstruct La Maison Dior and reinterpret its too-aged aesthetic.

Dior Haute Couture SS16 details

Again, so grateful to the wonderful internet for the visual resources (the entire collection is, biensur, on styledotcom, so you can definitely check it out or simply enjoy the fashion show video I added below). I’ve selected and cut-out some of the angles I found most impressive from a stitching perspective. I can’t even imagine what would be to cut and put together the fabrics, work out the fittings and get it all done in time for the Fashion Week scheduling!

It’s pleasing to the eye, that’s for sure!

Dior details Couture SS16

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Dior Haute Couture Spring 2016

Dior Couture dress details SS16

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Dior Couture sequins embroidery ss16

Couture flowers dress Dior ss16

Haute Couture embroidery Dior SS16

embroidery ruffles SS16 Couture Dior

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flowers details Couture ss 16 Dior

Haute Couture SS16 Dior

insects SS16 Couture Dior

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sequins embroidery Couture Dior SS16

skirt detail Couture SS16 Dior

Couture tulle sequins dress SS16 Dior

Dior Haute Couture Summer 2016

Couture lace Dior ss16

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Couture sleeves Dior ss16

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016

beads Couture Dior 2016

Summer 16 Couture Dior

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#1 Theodora on 02.04.16 at 3:53 am

The craftmanship ? Beautiful as usual, As a whole ? The collection is a mess, disconected and with strange sillouettes. I didn’t like it , Individually , some pieces are beautiful .
Hope they get soon a new artistic director . Stefano Pilati was just outed from Zegna yesterday. Perhaps Dior is his next job ?

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