2014 Oscars Red Carpet Advanced Fashion: Meryl, June, Bette, Liza, Goldie, Glenn & More

When you’re at the appropriate age to play someone’s mother or someone’s grandmother, in Hollywood you’re entering another stage of your career. Where you’re joining a long list of very talented actresses who stood the test of time and got better at their game.

This is yet another game they’re really good at: fashion! In the wise words of Ari Seth Cohen whose eponymous blog consistently reports on the silver age of fashion, here’s the ‘advance style’ wonderfully represented on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet:

Meryl Streep wearing Lanvin black and white ensemble at 2014 Oscars

I’m starting with Meryl not because she’s been nominated 18 times for an Oscar Award, but because she’s my favorite! Her energy, her beauty, her talent and her style has made her a steady reference in my Red Carpet reports throughout the years and events!

Meryl Streep 2014 Oscars wearing Lanvin

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2014 Oscars Red Carpet Pregnant Fashion: Kerry, Elsa, Olivia

Three gorgeous ladies who are also heavily pregnant are a true inspiration for so many pregnant women out there who can still look gorgeous no matter how far into their pregnancies they are!

It’s hard to pick a favorite as Kerry Washington’s mauve dress was so different from Olivia Wilde’s black dress and Elsa Pataky’s emerald green lace dress was clearly a showstopper! But I enjoyed seeing them all on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet, and I truly believe they were pregnant, gorgeous and stylish! (help me decide which pregnant lady was the most fashionable by commenting below!)

2014 Oscars Red Carpet pregnant fashion Kelly Elsa Olivia

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Charlize Theron In Custom Dior Couture Black Dress For 2014 Oscars

Custom is the new black as more and more celebrities turn to designers for not only the latest and the best in their fashion presentations but also special tweaks or dresses created especially for them to wear on the Red Carpet!

Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful actresses and also one of the most graceful Red Carpet appearances. Her 2014 Oscars black dress was apparently created for her by Raf Simons, based on designs he sent on the Fall 2014 Haute Couture collection’s runway. A mermaid silhouette dress with sheer straps in a perfectly tailored upper flattering Charlize’s natural beauty.

Charlize Theron Oscars black dress Dior Couture

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Cate Blanchett Glowing In Armani Prive Dress At The 2014 Oscars

Slowly trying to wake up from the glam and the glitz, it’s time I picked one of my favorite leading ladies to start the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet discussion this year: Cate Blanchett.

As expected, she was wearing Armani Prive with the same grace and elegance she puts into each and every one of her Red Carpet appearances! The flowery details and the sequins on her sheer dress complete the aura of ethereal beauty she’s spreading around her, making yet another headspinning appearance for the 2014 edition of the Academy Awards. Head-to-toes, this is how perfection looks like:

Cate Blanchett dress 2014 Oscars Armani Prive

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Most Relevant Oscars Related Titles This Weekend!

AS we’re getting ready for the big night, the Oscars weekend seems to be an endless pretext for Oscars-related stories: who will wear what, who will win what reign supreme in my newsfeed. So why not make a quick roundup to get you guys informed and ready for the big night?

Oscars Dresses Infographic

From present days backwards, this is the most beautiful, useful and creative infographic of Oscars Dresses along the years! The Mediarun Digital team behind this project deserves a standing round of ovations as we drool all over the keyboard recollecting memories about the ladies winning the Best Actress Oscar along the years!

Oscar dresses infographic Mediarun

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Celebrities Sheer Top Face-Off: Rihanna Fishnet Vs. Kim Kardashian Vienna Ball

We’ve seen it before, but this is definitely one of those here-to-stay trends! Sheer see through tops are fantastic for elegant night outs as well as clubbing nights out.

However, when do we know how much see-through is too much? Today I chose a pretty interesting face-off to demonstrate where should some lines be drawn when wearing sheer tops.

Kim Kardashian Ralph Rucci gown for Vienna Ball

Turning out to be a very stressful and unpleasant evening for Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star was looking edgy-elegant in a Ralph Rucci Spring Summer 2014 dress with sheer panels inserts.

sheer top Rihanna vs Kim Kardashian

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Dare To Wear Butterfly Jewelry By Jewelera?

Looking for unique, custom-made, outstanding jewelry pieces? Look no further, I just found Jewelera for you! Derya Aksoy creates this one-of-a-kind world of wearable art that keeps on fascinating me!

Spring is almost here, so naturally I was looking for amazing jewelry to wear as soon as the winter jacket comes off! Butterflies fluttering with every move or breathe of wind made from printed organza and assembled into ethereal necklaces and earrings are my latest obsession!

I accidentally came across Derya’s Jewelera collection and now I’m under the spell! I could wear her butterflies so many ways, I could decorate the house with them, I could actually give her butterflies to all my friends and family, neighbors and strangers, invade my world with these insanely enchanted jewels!

gorgeous butterfly necklace jewelera

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You’ll Need These 5 Hair Tutorials For Spring And Summer!

I’m a summer child and I love hot weather and hot clothes – in every way! The Spring/Summer wardrobe is my favorite and since I have my eyes set on a pair of sneakers and or/wedges (not forgetting my trusty Birkestocks either) for summer, it’s about time I pulled my eyes out of the floor and look up in the mirror. It’s Hair-time!

Let’s talk about the warm season hair! Because you’ll need it, here’s a short compilation of must try/must wear hairstyle during the spring and summer seasons. Easy, versatile and gorgeous hairstyles you can do yourself!

I have personally tried them all on my medium-length curly hair or on my daughter’s long, silky hair so I know for a fact they work! now click through to experience the simplicity of DIY summer hairstyles!

5 simple diy hairstyles for Spring Summer

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