You’ll Need These 5 Hair Tutorials For Spring And Summer!

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I’m a summer child and I love hot weather and hot clothes – in every way! The Spring/Summer wardrobe is my favorite and since I have my eyes set on a pair of sneakers and or/wedges (not forgetting my trusty Birkestocks either) for summer, it’s about time I pulled my eyes out of the floor and look up in the mirror. It’s Hair-time!

Let’s talk about the warm season hair! Because you’ll need it, here’s a short compilation of must try/must wear hairstyle during the spring and summer seasons. Easy, versatile and gorgeous hairstyles you can do yourself!

I have personally tried them all on my medium-length curly hair or on my daughter’s long, silky hair so I know for a fact they work! now click through to experience the simplicity of DIY summer hairstyles!

5 simple diy hairstyles for Spring Summer

Headband tucked in hairstyle

This is, by far, one of the hairstyles I used the most for myself. First, because I tend to wear headbands a lot and then because I sometimes need my hair out of my face and I don’t always have bobby pins or elastic bands to secure a bun/tail.

simple DIY hairstyle tucked in headband updo

It works perfectly with most hairtypes and situations (yes, brides can wear it as well!. However, if you have really silky hair (my daughter does, and it’s a pain to make hair stay put), think bobby pins to secure the tucked in strands in position! Add cute flowers if you want, to make it more special!

Messy French Twist hairstyle

Practically a vertical version of the above, the French twist is perfect for all hair lengths and textures and only requires a bunch of bobby pins to keep in place. It can be worn for daily chores or fancy events, it works wonderfully!

simple DIY spring summer hairstyle messy french twist

You can add flowers, jewelry, whatever flights your fancy to the side of the bun, to match your outfit or the occasion! Even brides can wear this twist!

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Waterfall Braid hairstyle

All in being one of my favorite ways to braid hair, this hairdo requires extra skills and attention. But practice makes perfect and I know you’ll get it right after the first 3 tryouts! It takes the hair away from your face and pulls it back in a gorgegous braid you can either mix with either of the above hairstyle, braid down or just let it be on the shoulders, depending on your hair length!

simple DIY spring summer hairstyle waterfall braid

Add flowers, jewelry or colorful strands for a festival look!

The Braided Bun updo hairstyle

Now that’s practically a hybrid hairstyle looking all kind of wonderful and being all-too-simple: it’s a pony tail, braided and then wrapped around itself in a bun! Complicated? Don’t think so! Add a bow, a flower or a fancy pin if you’re going for a more elaborate look!

simple DIY spring summer hairstyle braided bun

The Minnie Mouse Bow Hair Updo

I know you’ve seen this around and wondered how to obtain that perfect bow! Well it’s actually more than simple! You just go in a pony tail, up your head (or on a side, depending where you wish your bow to be) part it and then secure a strand on the middle, with bobby pins! Seriously, does it get any simpler than this?

simple DIY spring summer hairstyle minnie mouse bow bun

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My daughter is mad about this do and whenever I feel an ‘awww’ mood going through my fingers, I just put a bow atop of my head! If I want to make it look more grown up, I just do the same thing right above my neck. It looks lady-ish and so coquette and cool!

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