Summer Favorite Dress: Black & White Apron Dress

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Whenever possible, I’m all for the comfort wear. Meaning I mostly go out without high heels or too elaborate outfits.

Like Tom Ford said, I may know a thing or two about fashion trends, but I still prefer my jeans & t-shirt! (don’t you?) So here’s a great dress for those who like to keep their wardrobe in the comfort zone: Apron Dress from Pip – Sqeak Chapeau ETC. Want. Need. Now! {available here}

Most Comfortable dress Apron dress

Don’t forget that linen is an all year round choice for both your home and your wardrobe, so should you have stumbled across this story during the colder months, there’s no stopping you from making the right dress choice!

Choose all natural yarns and fabrics, timeless cuts and tasteful items for best comfort and performance. I may not be a hipster in the most weird sense of the concept, but I do like my fashion on the upbeat, offbeat side. It’s not a question of budget but a question of imagination.

linen coat for fall psc

Take for instance Pip-Squeak Chapeau etc.’s creations: weren’t you used to seeing and wearing linen during the hot months of late spring, summer and early autumn? Well, think different! Think linen all year long!

Linen pinch dress for fall psc

And because I take words one step further, I’ll add images to my arguments – images of linen layered outfits for the cold season! Aren’t they wonderful? Season after season, I keep being charmed by Sveta Dresher’s Pip-Squeak Chapeau! (and no, they have no idea who I am and why I keep on praising their clothes! It’s just me and my sheer honest views!)

linen jacket for fall psc

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#1 Ellington on 07.18.12 at 11:01 am

very cute. : )

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