Celebrities Sheer Top Face-Off: Rihanna Fishnet Vs. Kim Kardashian Vienna Ball

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We’ve seen it before, but this is definitely one of those here-to-stay trends! Sheer see through tops are fantastic for elegant night outs as well as clubbing nights out.

However, when do we know how much see-through is too much? Today I chose a pretty interesting face-off to demonstrate where should some lines be drawn when wearing sheer tops.

Kim Kardashian Ralph Rucci gown for Vienna Ball

Turning out to be a very stressful and unpleasant evening for Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star was looking edgy-elegant in a Ralph Rucci Spring Summer 2014 dress with sheer panels inserts.

sheer top Rihanna vs Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Ralph Rucci dress Vienna Ball

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The dress was fit for her body and the occasion where Kim was invited (and paid $500,000) by a German businessman who has developed a real hobby in getting American celebrities as arm candy for official events. Reports have detailed an eventful evening for Kim whose patience was constantly challenged (either by a man in black face pretending to be Kanye or by another man who invited her to dance but when declined, he took it really sorely).

Kim Kardashian Vienna Ball Outfit

Ever since she started being styled by Kanye West, Kimmy has turned into a walking fashion experiment. There are times when she’s flopping acutely, but then there are times, like this, when she’s hitting all the right style notes.

Rihanna fishnet top sans bra

Celebrating calls for less clothes – that seems to be Rihanna’s motto at least as far as one her latest clubbing outings goes. While in Paris, one has to embrace the minimalist fashion ways of the legendary stylish French women.

Rihanna Balmain pre fall look Olivier Roustaing

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Wearing a fishnet top (perhaps because of the Seine river running through Paris) and nothing else underneath is something not even Gaga or Miley managed to pull off with decency. But Bad Girl Riri wants to go through the night with all eyes on her… top. (images styledotcom, getty, splash)

This is where I draw the fashion disaster line. Because as provocative as one wants or needs to be, there’s always got to be room for mystery. For imagination.


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