Rock Your Jumpsuit Like Gwyneth And Rosie!

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The other day, a particular event raised my interest in more ways than I originally anticipated: The Hollywood Reporter launched an edition of the 2016 list of the Most Powerful Stylists with multiple covers showing stylists and the celebs they’re styling.

A party marked the momentum (sponsored by Jimmy Choo nonetheless) where the said celebrities were in attendance as well as many famous faces and bodies we’re used to see on the Red Carpet, on the big or small screen. Looking fabulous – no doubt! But as they come to sustain a pro-stylist movement, we too, non-pros, can wonder about the benefits of fashion styling taking Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as examples!

flattering jumpsuit

Attending the Hollywood Reporter reception, the two beautiful ladies chose to wear jumpsuits. Head to toe, they were walking scrutiny subjects and they deserve every opinion we can come up with. Not judgment – opinion! Yes, we’re all free to wear whatever flights our fancy, but apparently, when you’re famous, you’re not that free anymore!

the Hollywood Reporter covers

So what could have possibly convinced Gwyneth and Rosie to opt for such a risqué fashion piece as the jumpsuit? Their pro stylists or their perfect bodies? I would be totally inclined to say ‘both’ , so if you’re thinking about trying their styles, better double check those stories about Gwyneth’s grueling training or Rosie’s rigorous workout regime! Not to mention their diets and constant pressure to look thin and happy no matter what!

Gwyneth Paltrow Rosie Huntington Whiteley jumpsuits

It’s hard to think one ‘regular’ person would pull out the onesie just as flawlessly as Gwyneth or Rosie – at least not the same kinds. While Gwyneth seems to have a preference for jumpsuits, showing her weakness with yet another occasion, wearing an Emilia Wickstead Fall Winter 2016 unitard, I think Rosie’s Galvan Spring Summer 2016 Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit is more structured and stands an honest chance to look decent. However, as much as we’d like to emulate the famous celebs and their wardrobes, we need to focus on our diversity and uniqueness.

flattering jumpsuits formal casual

you can opt for a draped jumpsuit like Trina Turk’s Women’s Siriana Jumpsuit (left, available here) or for a colorful, joyful Diane Von Furstenberg Arabella jumpsuit (right, available here)

We’re all different, right? So while one size fits many bodies, there are so many different sartorial shapes to try, why settle for just one? The one worn by Gwyneth or the one seen on Rosie? Let’s explore more possibilities that could also be flattering your body type and your daily routines all in being forgiving with your silhouette and comfortable for everyday (or fancy) wear, not to mention affordable (take the Galvan jumpsuit Rosie was wearing which had a price tag neighboring $2,000).

flattering black jumpsuits for evening or day wear

something about the structured Black Halo Women’s Reina Jumpsuit (left, available here) makes me think it would definitely flatter most silhouettes while the Ramy Brook Women’s Shoulder Jumpsuit (right, available here) will play on the asymmetry and the draped waist to make you look fabulous

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While some of the models I chose may not be the too-obvious-jumpsuit kind, they’re either structured in a flattering way for a woman’s body either draped so they add or embrace a curve and they drape and add fluidity to a silhouette. Dress them up or down, for fancy events or daily errands, these jumpsuits can surely make you feel and look good, stylish but feminine and comfy all at once.

flattering onesies jumpsuits black casual elegant

wide leg pants are so in right now, the Rachel Pally Heathcliff Jumpsuit (left, available here) was a natural choice! The Ella Moss Women’s Starlight Jumpsuit (right, available here) is a timeless silhouette, slick and elegant, perfect for a many elegant occasions!

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