2017 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Memorable Moments

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Every Grammy Awards edition must be a memorable one and this year is no exception – the things you saw on the Red Carpet (and during the actual ceremony) it’s very likely you won’t see anywhere else!

Case in point, for those who are on their toes waiting for the Oscars fashion, a fine tuned collection of style moments from the 2017 Grammy Awards awaits you right here! A special, handpicked selection of unique, one of a kind, memorable looks from the 2017 Grammy Red Carpet! Are you ready? Scroll down, then!

2017 grammy awards memorable adele breaking award

Those who you’re about to see here might not be as familiar as Rihanna or even Beyonce, however, their appearance is highly worth mentioning! I’m actually happy and grateful because of their choices and therefore I chose to highlight them in particular without worrying too much about not showing Adele…

Beyonce is the Queen of Grammy Awards Performances!

…which is really difficult since you know she pulled that half-Grammy trick on the stage, in front of everyone and their dog. And Beyonce -_^ !

Oh, well, back to our underdogs and their amazing style choices for the 2017 Grammy Awards!
Cynthia Erivo was a princessy vision in blue with snow-white hair. There’s definitely something about the entire contrast, about the fluffiness of the dress and that incisive hairstyle! The apparent lack of style coherence is endearing and seducing! If you look closer, though, you’ll see how the tulle-ish skirt of the dress with velvet corset matches the cloud-like styling of the hair!

2017 grammy awards red carpet cynthia erivo

The velvet chocker in the same color as the corset and the white nails attest to a careful planning and a well thought –out ensemble! It may not be The Color Purple, but Cynthia surely delivers a stunning style performance!

Looking forward to the Oscars Red Carpet this year? Here’s what they were wearing last year!

Andra Day, so perfectly retro! Peachy and flowery, matronly and sweet at the same time, I loved her choice! It had an edge to it, it had courage and the attitude carried the style with flowers in her hair and all! There were flowers even on her blue sky nails that matched the color of the shoes! Very coherent, very spring-y and retro!

2017 grammy awards red carpet andra day

Andra’s look is always carrying a retro perfume and this time is no different. Although I came to expect something more colorful from the ‘Rise Up’ performer, this pale peachy number is charming and holds a special personal style statement value.

Do you think: Politics made its way onto the Red Carpet?

Joy Villa brought politics on the Red Carpet by wearing a MAGA dress under a wide white cape. It’s hard to overlook the wearer or the message.. especially when it comes with ‘Trump’ printed on the back! The style of the dress may lack elegance and panache – it looks like a campaign banner turned mermaid – apron.

2017 grammy awards red carpet joy villa

Bringing such principle in the middle of the artistic community, which has been constantly outspoken during the said campaign trail, is quite the daring move, I must admit! Therefore, perfectly assorted in this memorable Grammy selection!

2017 grammy awards red carpet ceelo green

Ceelo Green as the Golden surprise on the 2017 Grammy Awards Red Carpet. It was clear that he was trying to send a message, yet we have no idea what that message was, whether it was in relation to the Trump Tower, to the golden future awaiting America or simply a new superpersona Ceelo is trying to get us all used to… I guess only the future holds the answer to those questions..

2017 grammy awards red carpet girl crush

Uncomfortable dresses I wouldn’t want to during hours-long awards ceremonies?

Girl Crush obviously wanted to make sure everyone was having a ball at the Grammy Awards this year so she brought a skirt-full of them! Rainbow colored plastic balls, the kind we use in the kiddie pool! Self titled ‘pop sensation’ Girl Crush surely made an entrance people will not soon forget. And most likely she won’t either after she confronted the seated place she had to occupy during the ceremony…

2017 grammy awards red carpet blue ivy carter joy hanley

Blue Ivy Carter was praised by everyone and their dog for her said ‘Prince inspired ensemble’ yet not much credit went to Joy Hanley who was wearing the same suit only with a different shirt (different shoes an bag too).

Blue Ivy Carter is growing into a spotlight darling with every passing year!

Whoever was responsible for suggesting those outfits was clever enough to send them wearing pants at such a glamorous events. Usually little girls are dressed as tiny sized princesses (with the occasional tiara to match the fluffiest of the dresses) yet times have changed dramatically and girls can be anything they dream of, not just crinoline wearing princesses…

On that note, I’m closing this long-overdue story, hoping it did bring you another side of the Grammy story, a fresh, unusual perspective on the 2017 Red Carpets… (images courtesy getty)

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