Hayden Panettiere Plastic Surgery Disaster

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Here’s what I get for watching Homeland! I don’t pay attention to other TV series.. At least not to all of them. Although I am fully aware that Heroes favorite cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere has a new – successful – TV show, I haven’t dipped into Nashville. Yet.

So I get to find out from the gossip Interwebs that lovely Hayden not only has a tattoo disaster on her pretty young body (remember that misspelled Italian quote on her ribs) but also a plastic surgery disaster as well.

From the looks of the screen caps below (taken from the latest Nashville episode), Hayden decided to enhance her bra cup size. Only it turned out pretty disastrous if it’s all true… Judge for yourself and pass the right message on to your friends, daughters, nieces and so forth. (and maybe add to Nashville’s ratings so pretty blondie head can fix all that?)

Hayden Panettiere plastic surgery Nashville

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