2017 Red Carpet Fashion Talk: People’s Choice Awards

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The 2017 edition of the People’s Choice Awards happened. And over 250 Million people voted their favorite performers so it would be safe to say that this was a sort of Hollywood’s democratically voted awards meant to illustrate the love and appreciation of the viewers for the shows and movies created in Hollywood this year.

With that in mind, People’s Choice was Ellen DeGeneres 20 times (17 up to this edition and 3 more this year), making her the most PC awarded person in history. And she only plays herself – that should send a message (perhaps the one wrote on her jacket? ‘love’ ).

2017 People s Choice Awards Ellen DeGeneres most loved

Now that I took that off my chest, let’s look into the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet! Remember they said that cleavage is the new black on the Red Carpet? Yes they did! At the Golden Globes just 10 days ago! Numerous ‘fashion’ columnists predicted a boobs ocean in sight for every Red Carpet event this season!

2017 People s Choice Awards red carpet dresses

And I waited and waited, the People’s Choice Awards venue was seriously lacking cleavage! I saw legs, I saw prints, I saw sequins (wish I didn’t, but Ashley Greene’s lilac dress was hard to overlook)! I even saw geometry and tuxedos! Not enough cleavage though…

Perhaps because Jessica Biel was not there? Or maybe because the trend was simply not there to begin with? Oh well…

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What I did notice and I think we are on to a common style denomination for this year: black nails! Yessss my lovelies, it would appear that nail art was not invited at the People’s Choice Awards! However, black, dramatic nails were aplenty! So take out your favorite black polish and paint those nubies – you’re in fashion this year!

2017 People s Choice Awards nail art black nails

Another constant on the PCA Red Carpet was the spiked stiletto. Well, technically more of a half-stiletto but spiked nevertheless! Shiny, spiked Louboutins the kind you’ve seen on a heavily fringed Blake Lively (whose acceptance speech went uncontrollably hysterical about girl power).

2017 People s Choice Awards Blake Lively Louboutins

And although I’m trying hard to pick a favorite, I can definitely point out to those who could do with a change of stylist – Kailey Cuoco and even Sofia Vergara whose white dress – although faithful to her mermaid-ish style, wasn’t flattering on the hips. I mentioned earlier Ashley Greene – girlfriend looks like a sequined soap. I really appreciate Kristen Bell as an actress – she’s really good! – her outfits rarely bust out of the disaster area! (she was wearing a strapless jumpsuit with what seemed to be a whipped cream bra! seriously!)

2017 People s Choice Awards worst dressed

On the meh-dressed list: Kailey Cuoco, People’s Choice Awards Ballerina Girl.

Overall a more relaxed event than the Globes (Justin Timberlake admitted he was feeling underdressed in his acceptance speech all decked up in chinos, shirt and a knitted vest – a handful of men proved that casual can work just as fine for the PCA), the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet was blissfully eclectic and more honest than .. say the Globes! Which is a much needed breath of fresh air before the Inauguration event tomorrow!

2017 People s Choice Awards men style

(I will definitely turn my eyes away from politics for a moment, drooling over some old pictures of the Flotus <3 and repeating obsessively ‘the best is yet to come’ day and night). People, keep hope alive! (images courtesy getty)

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