The Unforgettable 2017 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Talk

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There’s a general consensus about who gets an Oscar and why – it all seems to point towards politics. Yet we’re still watching, breathlessly, the glamorous Red Carpet parade that night. And then we talk about the dresses. And the hair. And the makeup. And the shoes. Less about the politics of the mighty Oscars…

And everyone loves a good dress -_^ . Bluntly, my favorite was Janelle Monae (deja – vu, much?) who was spectacularly Marie Antoinette in Elie Saab Couture.

2017 oscars red carpet talk

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I usually like the catwalk version better – the only exceptions come into play when whoever is wearing the dress adds that extra style factor you’re not getting on the runway presentation. And Janelle makes it all so playfully stylish! More so since her style has a moral base and she’s always so humble about her role in the world, to entertain the people and honor her family, starting off her singing career while being a maid.

janelle monae dress red carpet 2017 oscars elie saab

I could go on for hours, praising Janelle and the human she chose to be – yet this is not only about her. It’s about the 2017 Oscars and the oh-so-few people that caught my eye on this Red Carpet!

red carpet 2017 oscars hailee steinfeld

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Hailee Steinfeld – have you seen her? I don’t think I’ve ever ‘seen’ her like that! She’s simply spectacular! And the Ralph & Russo dress she’s wearing is so symbolic and so well chosen! Just like a flower blooming, Hailee has come such a long way from True Grit to True Gorgeousness! She grew up in front of our eyes, becoming a spectacular professional and such a beautiful, energetic young woman!

2017 oscars red carpet heilee steinfeld

A special mention goes for Halle Berry whose hair got the most attention although it looks like it had no styling whatsoever. That curly unruliness, that natural gorgeousness it was so unexpected yet so perfect! It may also be partly because Halle Berry wore it… She has the necessary grace and charm to pull off every hairstyle with the same ease and confidence…

halle berry hair 2017 oscars red carpet

Last – the accessory that made the dress (and the entire look, for that matter) : the Tiffany necklace worn by Jessica Biel to edge up her Kaufman Franco golden dress! The eye of a style genius picked that particular piece of jewelry to wear with a shredded-camouflage gown!

jessica biel 2017 oscars red carpet dress necklace

The name of the said necklace is ‘Whispers of the Rain Forest’ and it would only set you back $2Millions – I remember she even gushed to her Husband about buying it when asked on the Red Carpet if JT had acquired the necklace for her… That was the accessory par excellence to remember from this 2017 edition of the Oscars.

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An unforgettable one, as I’m sure everyone intended it to be… Make no mistake, though, just as every dress and every look on the Red Carpet is well rehearsed and planned by professionals, so is every second of the Oscars show – scripted and politically infused. Will we remember the dresses? Naaah, most certainly not! Will we remember the hairstyles? Most definitely not!

Will we remember the movies? Perhaps – but surely not all of them! We will absolutely remember the Best movie award cacophony, courtesy Price Waterhouse Coopers…

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