2017 SAG Awards: Red Carpet Fashion Ideas

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Yes, a lot has happened since, yet I have to talk about the wonderful fashion things that happened on the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet!

As I was saying earlier, we live in troubled times and the very privileged position I have, as a humble observer, allows me to focus on all the changes in the world’s wardrobes. On and off the Red Carpet. Feeling doubtful about the reflection of the political life in fashion? Scroll down to see what I’m talking about!

2017 sag awards red carpet

You can easily spot two main fashion directions on the 2017 SAG Red Carpet: one towards white and the other gravitating around anything and everything graphic! You’ve undoubtedly seen, read and heard about a gazillion of trends and style accents to considerate from this year’s SAG – didn’t you? Well, this time it’s as easy and white and … graphic! That’s it!

Curious about: The Golden Globes Red Carpet?

Let’s see the pictures – they’re overwhelmingly speaking for themselves:

White on The Red Carpet

2017 sag awards fashion trends white dresses

Strapless, spaghetti straps, shoulderless, tent-like, lace, embroideries, birds – you name it but keep it white! That’s the power of hope, of peace yet it can also speak volumes about the wearer! Some nuances associated with those who prefer white indicate a preference for criticism and fussiness.

white dresses red carpet 2017 sag awards

Fresh and humble yet precise and spiritual, cold and neat – these are values attributed to those who tend to prefer/wear white. You might not always think about it, yet these ideas go hand in hand with white and given the world’s context right now, it makes so much more sense than ever before!

Graphics on The Red Carpet

2017 sag awards fashion trends striped dresses

In the sweet tradition of graphic design and illustration, talking volumes about the hectic times we’re living in. A little bit of everything all rolled into one garment – striped or flowery, the magic of graphics was all over the 2017 SAG Red Carpet! I can’t recall another Red Carpet event where stripes have taken so much fashion space – can you?

2017 sag awards fashion trends graphic dresses

Horizontal or vertical, thin or wide, stripes are clearly in! Not many are those who dare to go with another graphic story: Thandie Newton, Emma Stone and Emily Blunt are epic. As actors and as fashion story tellers. The garments they wear are enchanting and stand apart, although in line with the graphic theme.

What do you think about: A very relaxed Red Carpet style at the People’s Choice Awards?

Actually – as a fun fact – there was so much chaos on the graphic theme that Amy Landecker and Jenifer Lewis ended up wearing the exact same outfit! -_^

celebrities wearing same outfit on the red carpet

I have to pick a favorite among all the celebrities walking the Red Carpet at the 2017 SAG Awards: Janelle Monae! I love her more and more! Talented and daring, fashionable and opinionated, she’s the breath of fresh air this Awards season needed! Also a wonderful spokesperson for Chanel – I respect der Kaiser’s work, yet the magic of Chanel these days completely eludes me. It looks too much like a sand castle, only built upon heydays reputation…

2017 sag awards fashion janelle monae

Fashion you need to see: Chanel Couture collection details!

Thankfully, Janelle Monae has a different stance on the Chanel issue. And on the trends issue… and I could go on! From her tips to her toes, from her hairstyle to her rings, Janelle Monae fulfilled my every fashion dream on that Red Carpet! (my heart fluttered when I saw Taraji P. Hanson too – yet although I admire her courage, I cannot applaud the sheer flowery sensation she made that night).

2017 sag awards fashion janelle monae taraji hanson

Loving the: Illustrators Heaven Couture collections!

Who was your favorite? Who was most daring (than Taraji) and who has fulfilled your every fashion dream at the 2017 SAG Awards? (please note that Evan Rachel Wood promised a suit for every event this season -_^ and I’m loving it!) (images courtesy getty)

2017 red carpet tuxedos


#1 Cate on 02.09.17 at 1:16 pm

When did every aspect of life become so political!?
The vitriol of American “democracy” is hard to understand as an outsider. The whole conversation is mean spirited.
I liked Taraji’s dress but I think it needed a little bit more beading in the front but she looked very pretty – and she so deserves it.
The most memorable dress was Nicole Kidman’s green sequin dress with the parrots on the shoulders – not my favourite but unforgettable.
I liked Mahershala Ali style & speech – it was real & from the heart. I hope he wins the Oscar.

#2 kpriss on 02.15.17 at 1:28 am

to answer your first question – when even gratitude in art is a form of political engagement (see Mahershala Ali’s speech -_^)
It’s not just America… The old Europe is boiling too.. I won’t even begin to describe how the Orient and Asia feel… Every new generation is seeing politics differently. Every new education paradigm wants to see the change it lived in its upbringing. The non-involvement philosophy and the aptitudes-focused education is now showing its adult results – this is what I see as an outsider, yet an insider, a participant and human of my time, parent of my children, individual of my personal paradise. I am conversational yet not mean spirited, join me -_^

Taraji’s dress was saved by the bow -_^ methinks
Nicole Kidman’s green feathered thingie was… so unsubtle and so unsuitable. Should it have been Cate the Great wearing it, my drooling would’ve knocked down that California dam the very night! Yet I completely, wholeheartedly agree about it being memorable!

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