The Only Accessory DIY Update You Need For Spring Summer 2016

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Chains. It was all about chains in the Spring Summer 2016 season catwalk presentations! Big chains, chunky chains, gold chains, silver chains, tiny chains, there’s no size order so if you want to update your old wardrobe with an essential element for the next season, chains are what you need!

Seriously, remove the old bag strap and replace it with a chunky chain! You’ve seen big fashion names chained for SS16: Alexander Wang, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Marni, Miu Miu. You can also wrap your old bag or backpack in a chain-made harness, it will definitely be the next year’s arm candy for uber-fashionistas! And if handbags are not your accessory of choice, perhaps (chain) earrings will be more attractive?

trendiest 2016 accessory update

Chain earrings. Chunky big hoops, the kind you see in hardware stores – that’s how Alexander Wang’s catwalk earrings looked like! Totally punk and unfashionable, yet, we’ll see chain earrings come spring in stores, I’m sure! I’m not sure if this is a response to the soft, ultra feminine tassel earrings trend sweeping this fall’s jewelry boutiques shelves, but it’s an interesting turn, to say the least!

2016 it bags chain

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For the bold ones, body chains get a new dimension for Spring Summer 2016: they replace the leather harnesses we’ve seen so many around! Clearly more edgy and with a heavy fetish envelope to them, the chain harnesses need to be worn over a garment of extreme delicacy! A silk slip dress, a lace or tulle top, something very feminine and in high contrast with the cold, harsh metal chains.

ss16 accessory update chains

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Last season was all about metallic studs, for Spring Summer 2016, chains are the new studs! So many chains on the runway that I decided to give in and update an old bag (a pouch, actually), with a chain I bought in a craft store. The same I used to DIY the chain earrings you’ll see below, just like the ones in Alexander Wang’s SS16 collection!

diy alexander wang ss16 chain bag

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There’s no philosophy to making this chained messenger bag. It’s all in the spirit of punk and good ol’ do-it-yourself to last for a season. It’s what we’ll need it for anyway, right? With a highly sophisticated tool (my Ikea fabric scissors) punching through the back of the pouch and enlarging the chain hoops so it’ll go through the newly-punched holes, I managed to finish this year’s first DIY Fashion Project in less than 5 minutes! something I’m certain you can do better if you try – I dare you! make it in 2! ^_^

diy chain earrings alexander wang ss16

Now for the earrings – quite the same story, I’m afraid! I’m a punk rocker at heart and this season I’ll be hanging out my chains. Don’t worry, though, these craft chains are so lightweight, you won’t even feel them dangling down from your ears. It’s a serious change from last year’s tassels, wouldn’t you say? What would you rather wear? tassel earrings or chain earrings? (mind you, your preference could be interpreted as ‘last season’ should you choose tassels! haha! How cruel fashion can be – love something one day and then throw it the next…)

chain messenger bag chain earrings alexander wang ss16


#1 Theodora on 01.21.16 at 5:16 am

I can’t see any chains. I’m feeling a major envy on your slim, super tonned arms and back :-/

#2 kpriss on 01.21.16 at 6:50 am

awww! thank you! you’re a sweetheart! (blushing) I wish I had more merit to it, but it’s just lucky DNA. Been waify all my life. It’s just now that I’m working on toning my legs (and that’s just because I happen to like bicycling so much, otherwise I’m such a lazy bum, I would only buy track pants because they look good, not to actually work out in them ^_^)

#3 Theodora on 01.21.16 at 4:17 pm

Oh the genetically blessed…. How unfair…I officially hate you now .
Im kidding :-)

#4 kpriss on 01.22.16 at 12:15 am

^_^ thank you! I’m guessing the lazy ones need extra help from genetics or else we’d never get our bums to the gym anyway :-)

#5 vijender singh on 01.30.16 at 11:48 am

i wanna know about Thor’s coat in The Avengers 2: Age of ultron the red one from the tony’s party. which brand is it ? and where can i buy it.

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