Sarah Jessica Parker Throws Out Her Clothes

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I realize how that may sound, but it’s the sheer truth and nothing but! Sarah Jessica Parker, my dahlings, is throwing 90% of her clothes away! Be sure to get in line under her windows! (wink)

Reading and deciding to write the Carine Roitfeld piece a couple of days ago, pushed me further, going through this Net-a Porter magazine page after page. My curiosity was paid in full, with interest added as I came to discover another publishing pearl: a laid back, casual interview with Sarah Jessica Parker flowing down like a the blues – heavy Mississippi river next to a set of gorgeous, honest photographs by Alexi Lubomirski.

beautiful portrait Sarah Jessica Parker Alexi Lubomirski NetaPorter

It’s the type of ‘no – regret’ no special occasion interview, although I’m sure there are undisclosed conditions previously leading to covering this particular topic. But I decided to give my frown wrinkles a well – deserved break and just keep it lighthearted, peacefully & smiling for as long as I can. It’s an optimism exercise and it seems to be working just fine for the moment: when was the last time you read me praising Sarah Jessica Parker so unreservedly, especially out of the Red Carpet?

recent pictures Sarah Jessica Parker

Last I saw her attending an official event was for the BAFTA 2013 Awards when she replaced Meryl Streep at the last minute.

But enough talking around the subject, let’s kick in! I was saying about SJP ditching about 90% of her clothes? That’s what she said! that she was emptying her closet as she only wears 7% of the clothes she owns! Seven Percent! That line alone is enough to make ink flow and paint endless flattering portraits of the one who made Carrie Bradshaw live and breathe, eat and sleep fashion.

Sarah Jessica Parker by Alex Lubomirski Net a Porter magazine

Sarah Jessica Parker is a grown woman now. She found herself, she found her place, her life. And she seems to have done it so gracefully and effortlessly! Although SJP is far from being a shallow character. She’s involved, curious and passionate, disciplined and focused but a woman nevertheless. And today, when the entire world celebrates The International Women’s Day, seems like a perfect day to discuss the becoming of a woman.

Sarah Jessica Parker black and white pictures

Strong but delicate, smart but discrete, beautiful but in her own terms, respectful but bold. Sarah Jessica Parker is finally a woman. Free to make her own choices, to wear her own clothes, in her own terms, to speak in her words and to enjoy her own choices in life.


#1 Ellington on 03.08.13 at 2:23 pm

I am a big fan of SJP. Way to go Sarah on de-cluttering you life by way of your closet! I am sure that she has some amazing things that she is getting rid of but doing this can be a cathartic and cleansing experience. : )

#2 kpriss on 03.10.13 at 7:46 am

I guess we’ll have to rename the classic ‘turning another page’ to ‘cleaning another closet’ ;)

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