Joe Wright, Chanel Brad Pitt Ad Director. Clueless About Ad Meaning!

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I just read this tiny piece of contradictory news and I couldn’t help but sharing it with you. Because, honestly, my mind was just blown away by the ridiculously simple marketing strategy promoted by Chanel’s creative (or whoever might be responsible for the advertorial representation of the French maison).

Now! Remember Chanel’s video ad campaign with Brad Pitt? (if you’re having troubles remembering it, you can always watch it again, here). Well, the amazing directorial work was carried out by Joe Wright – which, in his day – to day professional life directed movies like Atonement or Anna Karenina.

However, what mr Joe Wright had to say about Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 ads might surprise you. A lot! (hit the jump to find out why!)

Joe Wright directing Brad Pitt for Chanel

Brad Pitt starring in Chanel ad

One of the ad’s spoofers, Tara Killam (who’s actually part of Saturday Night Live’s cast) has met with Joe Wright and exchanged few words about the above mentioned commercial. Among others.

Here’s what Joe Wright, who was sitting in the director’s chair during the commercial had to say about the cryptic signification of Brad Pitt’s perfume ad representation.

‘I didn’t actually know what they were about either’ because it’s his job to show up, and he’s given the copy, added Killam in his interview for Vulture New York.

My hypothesis? One or both of these:

{1} Joe Wright had no say in the making of the ad, the plot and the general idea being handled to him by the Chanel responsible with the project.

{2} Joe Wright (and / or) Brad Pitt are just pawns in this fashion game. It’s all about the names with the ca – ching resonance…

As sad as it may sound, fashion, art, beauty, it’s just a matter of cashing in and the sooner I’ll get used to it, the better I’ll feel about myself. (but my mind is still blown apart: it’s like saying that who directed a famous, widely known movie, had no idea about the plot or the general idea of the movie. But directed it nevertheless. How? Why?)

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#1 Appollonia on 12.13.12 at 11:11 am

Yep, the sooner the better Kpriss! ;)
I’m used to it since the brand/label mania became a hype. That was already in the early late 80’s/’90s…….

Alas, I don’t believe a word they say! They failed dramatically and now they try to cover it up. It’s almost like politics ;)

Sorry! I know I can be very annoying but this is how I feel…

But…I see some designers as real people of art. With deep love for what they do or have done…:)

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