10 Simple Style Rules You Should Embrace Right Now!

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From your family and your friends – these are the style tips everyone should’ve taught you while growing out. The rules and principles of styles will help you and guide you on your fashion way to becoming a stylish individual! (yes, these do apply to men as well)

Keeping you safe from harm, straight into the arms of classic and sophisticated fashion, these are the essential style tips you’ll need to live on from this day forward! Call it your style education graduation, call it your fashion epiphany – read carefully, follow instantly and your fashion life will change! YOU will change!

10 style rules for a stylish lady

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style rules for a stylish lady embrace body

1. Embrace the body you live in! Think about this like living in a house you hate – every day of your life, every second of every day you just loathe those walls, can’t stand those windows and nothing would make you happier than a camp fire with everything inside that house. How does that make your life livable and your living enjoyable? You can’t tear apart floors and smash down walls just like you can’t re-build yourself – isn’t it about time you started to cozy-up that home of yours? Embrace the body you live in everyday and your everyday will become so much sunnier and happier!

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style rules for a stylish lady embrace routine

2. Embrace your daily routine! Pretty clothes that look good on the hangers could keep on hanging even in your wardrobe if you can’t find the right occasion to wear them – stay-at-home moms can safely shop away from the office wear aisle and career-oriented ladies would be better off the loungewear section. High heels look fabulous but can make you feel miserable if you have to walk miles on cobbler stone streets running errands all day! Try wedges instead – they might save your life a couple of times and keep you smiling longer and more often instead of focusing on every step and every pavement stone.

style rules for a stylish lady embrace strong

3. Embrace your strong points! Everyone has a strong point – from the eyes, the hair, the eyebrows, lips, arms and so forth up to your nails, there surely is something working in your favor. Find that one thing (or more, if you’re that lucky!) and emphasize it! Gorgeous hair? Show it, girl! Fabulous nails? Paint’em and flaunt’em! Surreal cleavage? Keep it close! Focus on your body and work around your strong points!

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style rules for a stylish lady embrace accessories

4. Embrace accessories one at the time! Think scarves and belts, necklaces and earrings. Don’t wear them all together, mix two, at most, each from a different category – scarves and earrings or belts and necklaces. Pick one to be the main dish and the other the flattering side dish. Accessories, like anything else in your look, don’t have to work on separate, parallel levels – everything communicates, aiming toward a balance. Take baby steps – one accessory at the time – it can do so much more than more accessories worn together!

style rules for a stylish lady embrace loose

5. Embrace loose garments! For days when you’re feeling unsure about your curves, for days when you need to feel relaxed and comfortable in your clothes, choose items two-size larger than your usual. This may not apply gracefully for some pants, but at least you have a generous palette of tops and coats to pump up the volume! Now’s the time to forget about those ancient myths saying that generous silhouettes don’t look good in loose-fitting garments! Au contraire!

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style rules for a stylish lady embrace smart

6. Embrace smart shopping! It’s less important that you look differently everyday but vital to look good every day! Sales are not always the smartest option when it comes to clothing! Yes, they can sometimes prove to be useful and clever, but it’s not a rule to live by. Buying clothes needs planning and smartening up! Plan your wardrobe, see what’s missing, what needs to be replaced and go hunting! If you find something that looks good on you and really flatters you, buy it in every color! If you need something on a regular basis, buy two of each! Also: always read the labels for washing instructions and follow them!

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style rules for a stylish lady embrace quality

7. Embrace quality basics! Everyday items like lingerie (yes, even control underwear), shoes, bags, sunglasses need to be of (very) good quality! No matter how well-cut a trouser is, visible panty lines will always ruin your style! Regardless of how soft the shirt’s silk is, an ill-fitting bra underneath is a total disaster! No matter how fabulous you look, a bad shoe is definitely going to bring you down! Carrying your papers, makeup, gadgets and whatnot in a low-quality purse can be dangerous – what if the poor-quality handles break? Needless to say how important your eyes are – why punish them with cheap sunglasses?

style rules for a stylish lady embrace balance

8. Embrace balance! This is a capital principle – not only for the way you dress but for the way you live your life! Balance is everything! A too-feminine item needs to be balanced with a more masculine one (think sequins skirts and worn-out cotton tees or frilly dresses with biker boots). A too-tailored look needs an undone hair or a knotted belt. Silk goes perfectly with denim while wool and viscose are a match made in fashion heaven! Stripes go flawlessly with flower prints and elegant pumps with overalls. And as a throw-back to the 5th rule above – a loose-fitting item goes well only paired with a more structured one!

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style rules for a stylish lady embrace models

9. Embrace role models! When in doubt, find a style reference and study it! Think of it as your style adviser and enjoy your privilege of not having to look tip-top-flawless for the spotlights and being able to learn as you go! Your role model needs to have pretty much the same body type, height & weight (where possible). When you’re in doubt whether to buy or not a garment, ask yourself if your role model would buy it!

style rules for a stylish lady embrace uniforms

10. Embrace uniforms! While outsiders may think of them as lacking creativity and trend worth, knowing what your uniform is and wearing it can also double as your signature style! Literally, uniforms are garments which are worn to easily identify the members of a group – make ‘people with style’ your group and show you’re part of it by identifying a look that conforms to all the above and wear it as often as you please!


#1 Adriana V on 10.16.14 at 10:05 am

Spot on! Enbrace yourself :)

#2 lm on 03.07.16 at 11:07 am

This is a great and inspiring (and oddly relaxing – it’s nice to know when you’re doing *some* things right, LOL) article.

Thanks for writing and sharing it!

#3 kpriss on 03.09.16 at 2:12 am

Thank you so much for your sweet words lm! This is now my motivation! <3

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