5 Reasons Why Skin Foundation Is Wrong For You!

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These are just the first five reasons militating against the use of foundation. Sure, every perspective is subjective and open for debates. But if the scientific proves included in this story would make you as much as flinch with a spark of doubt, don’t let go: try investigating the matter, you’d be surprise what you can find out about the beauty industry and its consumers!

The world we’re living in is ruled by fear, insecurities, lies! Let’s make a revolution! Let’s make that change, like Michael Jackson said – starting with the (wo)man in the mirror! Are you ready to really look at yourself and make that change? Why? Well, because…

reasons why you should stop using foundation

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1. You have under 40 years! It’s true that genetics play a defining role when it comes to skin conditions. But food and lifestyle make a huge difference! If you’re a healthy eating/living young woman who’s still in her thirties, please, forget that foundation and show your true colors. Every blemish, every bump, everything about your face is yours and your alone! Why cover it?

your face is beautiful stop covering it

2. You can’t wait for the weekend to go makeup-free! Clearly you can’t wait for that special time of the day when you take off your working clothes and your working makeup! The weekend is your favorite time of the week also because you can finally go makeup free and your skin can break free from all that foundation! Why wouldn’t you allow your skin to feel the same kind of freedom every day of the week, every month of every year?

enjoy your time off go makeup free Gwyneth Paltrow

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3. You’re experimenting skin issues! Did you feel uneasy with your skin lately? Unusual blemishes, rashes, your face seems to be going through a lot? And you think you can help it by plastering it with cosmetics? Come on? Seriously? Take it all off. And leave it off! Give your skin a well-deserved break and you may even notice a tendency to get better! (consulting a dermatologist and doing some medical investigations might prove useful in some cases)

covering your skin issues is not the way to go

4. You’re convinced that foundation is part of the office-wear code! It’s time for a myth-buster moment! You think your co-workers/boss/employees won’t be able to concentrate on anything other than the blemishes on your face so you’re covering them in layers of foundation?

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How about when they can’t listen to you because you look like wearing a mask? Because they can only see one thing: a moving, talking plaster who won’t convince them to do anything because… well… you’ve never shown your face before! Can you really build trust with someone who feels so insecure as to never show her (real) face?

confidence only foundation for work

5. You’re certain that foundation is good for your skin! Seriously? How ridiculous is that? No matter how ‘safe’ or ‘chemicals-free’ makeup is announced to be, you’re still covering your skin, your pores with a film. Doesn’t matter how many brands promise you that their foundation allows your skin to breathe (our body gets its ‘air’ need through the respiratory system, in the bloodstream, straight to the cells – if our skin pores would actually breathe, we would never be able to swim or even take a shower without being drowned through every pore), or that their foundation actually has substances helping your skin get younger!

the inner strength is the real foundation to everything

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Just know one thing: the famous collagen everyone and their dog is selling in the beauty industry, is but a myth! Those pretty commercials where collagen particles cram up through a pore like fireworkers hurrying to patch your blemished skin and make you look 10 – what am I talking about – 20! 30! years younger? Well, those commercials are a bunch of nicely animated lies! The collagen particles are so big, they will never get through that microscopical skin pore! The actual truth is that skin foundation (and many other cosmetics) contains chemicals linked to cancer! And we allow ourselves to be covered in that. Covered in lies.


#1 Ana on 10.29.14 at 1:36 am

I am number 4 kind of woman. Not because I believe that, but because in my sector ( banking actually) a discrete make up is required, otherwise people think you don’t care about yourself and can not take care of their investments. And I am a free lancer, mind you.. I can imagine the pressure on people working at offices.
Overweight men are getting the same treatment lately.

#2 Adriana V on 10.29.14 at 9:14 am

I have always used foundation at work or when I get out. I used Clinique’s Superbalanced Makeup which is transparent. I didn’t use it all over my face but on certain spots of my face.. Their lightest colour Ivory used to blend perfectly with my own skin tone. Even my freckles were visible. These days I use Clinique’s Superdefense CC Cream SPF30 when I go outdoors. I just love it. It’s a moisturizing skin colour corrector with sun protection. Both products do not give the face the mask look. No, I am not paid by Clinique I just love their products. LOL!
I clean my face twice a day almost religiously, before I go to bed and in the morning. The things is you have to use foundation wisely. My makeup look has been the nude look for years.
I feel content with my beauty regime. I’m getting a bit tired of all pieces what’s bad and what’s good since we’re all different and live in different environments. I’m also talking about food. Well, I been around for quite some time now and saw these trends in food and makeup change every decade. Of late even more often.
The thing with life is, it’s aging all of us and eventually we die. In the mean time do what feels good to you. Or as best as you can.

#3 Ana on 10.29.14 at 1:25 pm

I think Kpriss is bringing very valid points. There are a lot of women out there who think wearing make up is a must , just for being woman. Case in point, my sister, with 2 college degrees on her back and still feels completely insecure going to the street without make up and perfectly coiffed hair.
And the rise of people like La Kardashian , La Hilton, La Rita Ora or La Scherzinger ( among others less relevant ) just make things more difficult. It is all about the woman-doll now.
Kpriss , a minor correction : In mamals , the skin doesnt breath through contact with air ( well, less than 1% ) . It breaths through the blood stream using little organs called mitochondria.

#4 kpriss on 10.30.14 at 12:05 am

Thank you Ana! and Adriana!

I started this ‘series’ of guideline style/fashion/life stories and some things just came over me, I was starting two, three stories at the time, writing in parallel for all of them, they sometimes look ‘broken’ because well, either I had to run and pick up the kids from school while in the middle of a paragraph, or my soup was over-boiling right when I was drawing conclusions! Your feedback makes it all worth it: the extra minutes my kids were wondering if mom’s alarm rang and she’s just caught in traffic or her phone mysteriously switched off and they’ll spend the rest of the day in the schoolyard, waiting…. and all that fume taste that my soups have developed lately! lol

there’s a mild difference I wasn’t ready to get into this time: the line between wearing makeup and wearing foundation. And I was, I think, writing this piece for those plastered-like faces who, even in their twenties, feel some strange need to cover any trace of real, actual skin. Yes Ana, you’re right, I will make the corrections! (thank you!) our skin is but a myth altered by advertising.

Adriana, I too love Clinique products! I remember first time I used one of their shampoos&conditioners, I thought they had some kind of fairy dust in that bottle and a magic hair fairy had changed my hair for the one I was always dreaming of owning lol! I remember I became mindful about what I was putting on my skin and switched to tinted face cream as well, but somewhere along the way (read ‘between the 2nd and the 3rd pregnancy’) I just stopped. It was like giving up smoking (which I did for my 1st pregnancy and never took up again, thankfully)..

Weird enough, even last year, as we were getting ready for the New Year’s Eve party, I had a free sample of foundation in my beauty case and… I smeared it over my face! as if it would really make a difference a glass champagne later! The next day, my face was itching :( I tossed the sample although it was a very respected brand and a new, ‘revolutionary’ formula. Like you said, Adriana, while we’re all traveling the same path, let’s just enjoy it and do what feels good and right! Loved your honesty and insight!

I’m thinking insecurities come from way back. From our childhood years. Once an insecure child, always an insecure child trapped inside a grown-up body. We should take some time to make peace, to allow ourselves to grow, to actually evolve. To allow ourselves to be wrong, to be changing, to be not-in-control all the time, to be authentic and to be aging. What good is it to swim against that stream anyway?

#5 Ellington on 11.01.14 at 10:58 am

I never wear foundation, and I rarely wear makeup.
For me I always uses a great moisturizer and I like to have lipstick or lip balm.

#6 Ellington on 11.01.14 at 11:00 am

I never really got into make up and foundation because when I was a younger the fashion/makeup industry really did not cater to black women and most women of colour so there was little to nothing out there. I got so used to not using the stuff that I have never started.

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