35 + Fabulous Feminine Watercolors Tattoos Ideas

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Not long ago, we mentioned a handful of tattoos everyone should try by the end of summer. And ‘try’ is a good word since they were temporary tattoos in the form of decals. A pretty smart options for those who don’t feel committed to a lifetime skin mark.

Now we get serious with fabulous feminine tattoos – a far cry from the usual black-to-blue monocolored skin-deep symbols or drawings we’re used to commonly refer to as ‘permanent ink’. Do you remember playing with watercolors when you were kids? Well, this is the grown-up version of the watercolors game!

fabulous feminine watercolors tattoos inspiration

The fantastic talent of tattoo artists has officially reached a new dimension! Everything is possible – it would appear – soft colors, subtle silhouettes, fine drawings! The old anchors and tribals feel even more ancient than the symbols they stand for!

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Some of the most renowned skin painters, tattoo game changers are included below. They somehow trespassed the boundaries of skin and ink, elevating this old art to never before seen levels. Who wouldn’t want a colorful splash, an ethereal bouquet or a stylized portrait as a special reminder? Who wouldn’t want to replace insignificant doodles with dreamy beautiful scenes reproduced in vivid colors?

fabulous feminine tattoo watercolor freesia Life is Good

Red Freesia done by Lukasz BAM Kaczmarek from Life is Good Atelier, Krakow Poland

fabulous feminine tattoo watercolor drawings Aleksey Platunov

Fantastic drawings tattoos by Aleksey Platunov, Russia

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fabulous feminine tattoo watercolor Javi Wolf

amazing watercolor tattoos by Javi Wolf Ink, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

fabulous feminine watercolor tatoo Mo Mori

stylized tatoo with watercolor details by Mo Mori, Berlin, Germany

fabulous feminine watercolor tattoo Madame Chan Hublechat

great combos of classic ink and watercolor details by Madame Chan and Hublechat, Berlin, Germany (most of the time)

fabulous feminine watercolor tattoos Ondrash

colorful tattoo splashes by Ondrash Tattoo, Czech Republic

fabulous feminine tattoos watercolor Victor Octaviano

great blend of watercolor tattoos by Victor Octaviano, Santo Andre, Brazil

fabulous feminine watercolor tattoos Rodrigo Tas

outstanding colorful work by Rodrigo Tas, Sao Paolo, Brazil

outstanding feminine watercolor tattoos Lucy Hu

fantastic watercolor ink work by Lucy Hu, Alhambra and Huntington Beach, CA, US

lovely flowers watercolor tattoos Julia Rehme

lovely feminine watercolor flowers by Julia Rehme, Berlin, Germany

artistic watercolor tattoos by Niko Inko

artistic watercolors tattoos by Niko Inko, Perpignan, France

The images included in this story belong to their respective owners who have been, in the measure of possible, credited as such. Some of the tattoos, however, were impossible to track down and identify – if you know the artists who signed these tattoos, please add their names in the comments section for proper crediting, thank you!

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