Cutest, Easiest Summer Temporary Tattoos

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Summer is here, so it’s time for a cute, lovely temporary ink. If you will. Sephora has it ready for you, just a stamp away! Didn’t you ever wanted an anchor on your wrist like Kate Moss? Since we just talked about her? See, one way or the other, everything is interconnected.

Truth being told, I think these stamps are lovely and easy to use, fail-proof and more appealing than a classic decal/sticker. You can even make your own ensemble from the three motifs available: skull, star and anchor. Mix’em, match’em, just be careful not to wear it in the rain as I hear that it washes away pretty quickly. On the other hand, the applicator only costs $8, so it’s not that dramatic, but not quite the average classic ink either…

temporary tattoo

anchor tattoo temporary ink


#1 Appollonia on 06.15.13 at 10:22 am

Alas the Sephora shop is gone since some weeks. Closed. Otherwise it would have been fun to purchase the skull for my rock heart. The anchor because I am a sea girl and remember these real old guys in my childhood, men of the sea with these anchors on their arms.


#2 Shimmer Body Art on 07.09.13 at 8:27 am

Nice post. It seems like a very easy way to put on a temporary tattoo but the design might be limited. Thanks for posting.

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