3 Celebrity Spring Fashion Trends We Can Actually Follow!

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Sifting through trends and styles, keeping an eye out for the beautiful and famous ones, let’s see the first trends forecast for 2015! If you want to make a style statement this spring, you’ll need a pair of kitten heels shoes, pajama-like pants and make it all blush pink, the onesie type de preference!

And I’m not saying that just to send you on a shopping spree – you don’t need a pretext to do that – I’m saying that because our style influential celebrities are opting for these particular elements to make their fashionable appearances this year!

celebrities fashion trends for 2015

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Kitten Heels

Claudia Schiffer emerged just a couple of days ago, just as beautiful as always, after a long leap of absence from the fashion world and the entertainment business. She was wearing an Antonio Berardi ensemble with really opaque tights and black kitten heels. Radiant and trendy, Claudia was every inch the super model although she could’ve opted for a far more stylish ensemble. Also notice the bright orange nails, a very cheeky detail I love!

celebrities 2015 fashion essentials kitten heels Claudia Schiffer Lupita Nyong o

Lupita Nyong’O was seen out and about wearing a casual ensemble with skinny washed denim and a white top perking underneath a cobalt blue leather jacket. Her slingback shoes mirrored the top of her outfit and we notice and do admire that playful Marie-Antoinette kitten heels! Her matchy blue bag, the blue rimmed sunglasses, everything is coordinated and beautiful!

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Pajama Pants

Sienna Miller makes her professional comeback on the big screen in a handful of movies this year. That enables our fashion preoccupied personas to notice her outfits when making the occasional promotional appearances. The casual outfit she wore to one of her meetings was totally down our style alley – a black cardi and a pair of pajama-like striped pants complete with high heeled sandals and a black roomy tote. Seriously, couldn’t she have been less perfect?

celebrities 2015 fashion essentials pajama pants Sienna Miller

The pajama pants have been around for a while a more casual note, however, there’s a thin sartorial line between casual and smart/elegant casual and in our case, Sienna hit all the right style notes! She was seen wearing pajama-type pants before, but this year, she really did it best!

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Blush Onesies

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez chose blush pink outfits while attending Jimmy Fallon’s TV show. Whether that’s was instructed in the invite or they’re both using the same stylist, the truth is we may not all pull the blush or the onesies, but the style is clearly a trend! I’ve rarely seen Gwyneth make such a fashion faux pas (where should I start with her Elie Saab onesie? It looked like Gwyneth was a size too small for the jumpsuit and she was creasing and pulling the seams in all the wrong places!)

celebrities 2015 fashion essentials blush pink outfits Gwyneth Paltrow JLo

JLo looked boudoir-lovely, like one of those cute puffs you get over your face to fix the … blush! (awww!) So if you’re to choose a pink blush, be careful about it! It has to be tasteful, not just ‘trendful’!


#1 Ellington on 01.26.15 at 3:14 pm

I have always liked kitten heels, for they were my first foray into wearing grown=up shoes as a pre teen.
They are cute and fun and I love how Lupita has styled hers, but then Lupita is very style savvy.
Pajama pants!! What a wonderful wonderful thing! I love them and always have!
I had two very funky stylish pairs in high school they were from two vintage men’s sets but alas I wore the heck out of them! I would do this style again. :)
The pink blush thing is not for me because that colour looks rather odd on me and I do not consider it blush personally. ;)

#2 Adriana V on 02.02.15 at 12:06 pm

I also love kitten heels. I still have two vintage 50s pair I bought once for five Dutch guilders per pair on a flea-market. Too worn out to wear, but I can’t throw them away. My first ‘high heels’ wear red kitten heels. I felt so proud and feminine and all. We here in the Netherlands called them ‘kweenies’ or ‘queenies’ back then’, I have no clue how to write the name?? Anyway Lupita’s ‘kweenies’ are very desirable. :)

#3 kpriss on 02.02.15 at 12:47 pm

You know, I’ve always been reticent to wearing kitten heels! – kweenies sounds like such an appropriate name! I felt too tall and too willowy for those heels.. Also I’ve never been the ‘cute’ type, I’d always take a pair of chain bike boots instead. But that’s just me, I do understand that they come across as cute and wearable!

On the other hand, the pajama-pants are oh-so on my style alley! I could wear them any day or night. With heels or sandals, sneakers or flats! Maybe even throw a kitten heel? ;-)

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