14 Temporary Love Tattoos For Valentine’s Day & More!

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How was your Valentine’s Day? I mean.. I know this piece would’ve been better before the actual V Day but I’m celebrating Love Day any day, so… If you’re like me (as if we need a special day to celebrate love or the loved ones! Pfff!) this story is suitable for any given day! Speaking for myself, V Day it’s a perfect pretext to anything pink and hearts. And I kinda love that. For a day, at least!

There’s something amazing about temporary tattoos, especially if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to that drawing for a lifetime… In some respects, I think higher of temporary tattoos than I do of jewelry and I think you’ve seen me talking about ink more than I did about bling… Back to the occasion, now with a handful of temporary tattoos to wear the love on your sleeve. Or wherever else your heart wants!

celebrate love valentine s day

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heart shaped temporary tattoo

cute hearts temporary ink from Tattoorary

Now when it comes to love-related tattoos, you’ll never go wrong with a heart. Or two hearts… Nothing spells Love better than a heart shaped ink. You can choose a simple design or a more intricate symbol (heart & infinity), either way you’ll be a classic Vday ink lover. Even if it’s a temporary measure, better than regret it forever, right?

colorful metallic temporary tattoos

so many options, so many colors! love-ful tattoos and so much more from DaLin

A tad more sophisticated, yet also a classic heart, the colored/watercolored/metallic heart shaped tattoo is the rage of all festivals right now. Any boho loving creature out there will fall under the charm spell of a watercolor tattoo. It basically goes against the stick-and-poke wave we already talked about and it definitely softens the edgy side of any tattoo. Especially of a temporary one!

watercolor hearts temporary tattoos mandalas

lovely watercolor hearts from TabooTattoo

How about a heart-shaped butterfly formation? Colorful and feminine, everything a romantic would ever dream of for Valentine’s Day! In any case scenario, this means you really love colorful butterflies, right? (or that you’re a Mariah Carey fan ^_^)

colorful butterflies heart temporary tattoo

you can make a love-ful storm with butterflies from Superbb

Any cosmetics fanatics would be thrilled to find out that there are lipstick contoured hearts as temporary tattoos! You know, when I first set up to do this piece, I was clueless about the multitude of shapes and possibilities temporary tattoos come in! I mean – there are endless ways to customize your temporary tattoos and so many already-made models you can choose from! Amazing!There’s even a do-it-yourself temporary tattoo kit! With colorful markers and stencils! I love it!

lipstick shaped hearts temporary tattoos

lipstick temporary ink from ToxicHaze

temporary tattoo kit brushes stencils

release your inner ink-creative freak with stencils and your very own tattoos markers from Fake Tattoos

Back to hearts and love – who doesn’t love the infinity symbol? I’m a complete sucker for that perfect shape – I have made posters out of it and it’s one of my favorite calligraphy warm-ups. So these symbols made in temporary ink were a natural choice for me! I’d wear one even outside Valentine’s Day anytime!

temporary tattoos infinity symbol

infinite love tattoos from Tattify

If you’re into letters and written wisdom, you can try this Heart, thumbprint with Amor written underneath for a full combo declaration of your love. For Valentine’s Day and beyond. It’s actually quite an artsy creation and I think it makes a catchy tattoo.

thumb print heart love temporary tattoo

love declaration sealed with a thumbprint from MadeByTattooYou

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L.O.V.E. spelled in watercolors, with balloons or doodles and lines, with or without hearts, hipster-y or romantic, it’s still love! And in my head you surely don’t need Valentine’s Day to remind you to celebrate the one/s you love! Temporary tattoos are such a nice addition. Safe, fun and playful, don’t hold back on trying them out – it’s not the first and certainly not the last time you’ll hear me praise them! Have a Loveful Life!

love temporary tattoo balloons

lovely love balloons

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hipster temporary tattoos love

get your love groove hipster tattoo from myTaT

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watercolor temporary tattoo love lettering

beautiful watercolor lettering by TheFickleTattoo

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temporary tattoos love letters words hearts

doodles and hearts from Tattoonky, heart from MadeByTattooYou

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