2014 Oscars Most Notable Dresses And Styles

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So many movies, so many celebrities, so many dresses all in one place: Hollywood’s elite gathered to celebrate the industry and their respective achievements last night, at the 20th Academy Awards ceremony, in short: the 2014 Oscars.

I started out by highlighting them one by one but soon realized there were so many gorgeous ladies wearing so many fantastic gowns, I just had to say something about each and every one of them. Or at least try!

Lupita Nyong’o 2014 Oscars dress soft blue Prada

Like I said before, custom is the new black and tonight’s favorite, Lupita, was dressed by Miuccia Prada in a soft blue princess gown. For anyone out there having any doubts: you shouldn’t! Lupita was the 2014 Oscars Princess!

2014 Oscars fashion Lupita Nyongo Prada light blue dress

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2014 Oscars fashion winner Lupta Nyongo Prada dress

Jennifer Lawrence 2014 Oscars dress red Dior Couture

Talking about Princess: remember (well, of course you do, but for the sake of the argument, let’s take a moment and recollect that moment) when, last year, Jennifer tripped and fell on the stairs taking her up on the Oscars stage to accept her award. She managed to fall at this edition of the Oscars as well, except on the Red Carpet outside. But it was, again, because of her Dior dress, just as last year. Quite a dangerous combo, Jennifer, don’t you think?

2014 Oscars dresses Jennifer Lawrence red dress Dior Couture

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2014 Oscars Jennifer Lawrence hair makeup jewelry

Jennifer Garner 2014 Oscars dress silver flapper Oscar de la Renta

I know, she was there only as a presenter, but I simply couldn’t get pass her dimples! And her flapper! And her gorgeous hair! Jennifer Garner is always a happy sight and her smile touches my heart and makes the clouds go away! Plus – the flapper style dress is perfect for her body type!

2014 Oscars fashion Jennifer Garner hair makeup jewelry

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2014 Oscars fashion Jennifer Garner Oscar de la Renta fw14

Angelina Jolie 2014 Oscars dress sequins sheer Elie Saab

Consistently wearing grey, blouson-type gowns, Angie looked her usual beautiful self on last night’s Red Carpet. Her newly enhanced curved fitted nicely underneath sparkling rows of silver sequins as she kept her makeup to a minimal, only highlighting her eyes, as per usual.

2014 Oscars dresses Angelina Jolie silver sequined Elie Saab

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2014 Oscars Angelina Jolie dress hair makeup jewelry

Elie Saab fall 2013 Couture dress worn by Angelina Oscars 2014

2014 Oscar Silver & Soft Dresses

Many of the beautiful ladies in attendance at this edition of the Academy Awards chose (or accepted what their stylists picked for them) to wear silver, beige, cream, buttery, soft peach gowns. This year’s Oscars fashion went back and forth between soft column dresses and really dark (black, dark blue) column gowns. Starting with the light and going towards the darker dresses, here are the most notable dresses on the Oscars Red Carpet this year.

2014 Oscars dresses Naomi Watts Calvin Klein white dress

Naomi Watts was wearing a white simple dress from Calvin Klein Collection. Too bad about her hair – it really changed everything (not for the better, I’m afraid). I liked the dress, I liked its structured feel and look, but disliked the makeup and hairstyle.

2014 Oscars fashion Kate Hudson cream Atelier Versace custom dress

2014 Oscars Kate Hudson hair makeup jewelry

Can you believe that Kate Hudson’s 2014 Oscars dress was actually based on a jumpsuit design from the Atelier Versace Spring 2014 Couture collection? It’s a really interesting way to make a custom dress based on a catwalk design and, although I’m surprised that Kate didn’t wear something from her friend, Stella McCartney, I do believe that she was looking fabulous in Donatella’s design!

2014 Oscars dresses Lady Gaga Versace gown

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Atelier Versace dress worn by Gaga at 2014 Oscars

Lady Gaga in Atelier Versace dress at the 2014 Oscars was something I felt really ambivalent about: on one hand, she was wearing the dress extremely well. On the other, her hair and makeup were horrific. I never thought I’d say that: but I’m feeling slightly nostalgic about Gaga’s many wigs and weird outfits. Her newly-found ladyness creeps me out.

2014 Oscars fashion Jada Pinkett Smith soft peach Versace dress

I’ve seen beautiful Jada looking way fabulous than this, but… Donatella had a strong hold over Hollywood stylists preparing their famous clients for the 2014 Oscars night. The soft peach Versace gown worn by Jada Pinkett Smith was simple, lovely, but not Jada at all! I wanted to focus more on the harmony of the Smith couple more than on their fashion, so that’s why I included them in the medallion.

2014 Oscars fashion Penelope Cruz Giambattista Valli dress

Penelope Cruz was so elegant and graceful in her Giambattista Valli dress! The contrasting black bow belt felt natural against the very subtle pink draped gown and she was among the very few celebrities opting for a hair bun on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet!

2014 Oscars dresses Kristen Bell Cavalli gown

It’s actually hard to believe, but that dress on Kristen Bell is a Roberto Cavalli design! I could’ve sworn it’s a Marchesa or Elie Saab, but Cavalli? Where’s the leopard, where’s the zebra, the usually loud patterns signed by the Italian designer?

2014 Oscars fashion Jessica Biel Chanel couture dress

2014 Oscars Jessica Biel dress hair makeup jewelry

I’m constantly under the impression that Jessica Biel didn’t connect with her own style yet. Her Red Carpet style, although seemingly coherent, is so out of sync with her body and personality that they simply don’t collide. Take this Chanel Couture dress she’s wearing on the Oscars Red Carpet: the dress itself has nothing catchy. It looks odd on Jessica (who needs a design that would create waist on her naturally androgynous body) and has the same appeal as a thorny dinosaur – and I’m saying this because of the back buttons running through the entire length of the dress!

2014 Oscars dark dresses

2014 Oscars fashion Emma Watson dress Vera Wang FW14

Emma Watson dress beauty hair 2014 Oscars

Emma Watson went for a classic silhouette on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet with a Vera Wang dress from the Fall Winter 2014 collection. Lovely. But not my favorite. Perhaps, just as Jessica Biel, Emma Watson has yet to find her personal style and amaze us with her wardrobe on and off the Red Carpet!

2014 Oscars fashion Anne Hathaway dress Gucci fall14

Anne Hathaway custom made Gucci gown was very much in Anne’s usual style (yes, she has one, whether I like it or not, but she’s very consistent in her official events wardrobe). Based on a design from the Fall 2014 Gucci collection, the dress was adapted for Anne and, oddly enough, she was looking quite lovely in it!

2014 Oscars dresses Julia Roberts black lace Givenchy dress

Julia Roberts is hardly one of the best dressed ladies on official Red Carpet events. This is no different, despite of her wearing a Couture Givenchy design custom lace gown! Her hair looks odd as well, luckily she has her beautiful smile to keep it all together!

2014 Oscars dresses Amy Adams blue Gucci strapless gown

Amy Adams blue Gucci strapless gown is as simple as it is ‘meh’. It’s a simple, too strict design and her hair is too twisted and twirled… The color and the cut work well on her complexion and silhouette, but the entire styling is bit disappointing.

2014 Oscars dresses Sandra Bullock blue McQueen gown

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Oh, Sandy, why? Such a severe look for such a funny, gorgeous lady! And it goes both ways as the dress comes from the Alexander McQueen house – what happened? Who put you to it, Sandy? I’m sorry to leave it on the last position in my 2014 Oscars Red Carpet review, but Sandra Bullock’s blue McQueen gown is not fit for her and nor is Sandra fit for the gown either! (images getty, styledotcom)


#1 Appollonia on 03.03.14 at 12:26 pm

Pffff……that’s a lot my eyes hurt. Or still hurt who knows? Lupita Nyong’o was gorgeous as was to be expected. Being not a fan of that light colour blue I got to give in on her it looks great. Also the hairband not an obvious choice with her hairdo plus her dazzling smile made her again one of the best dressed ladies of the night. Of this red carpet season. Hands down.

Angelina Jolie looked gorgeous, so did Jennifer Garner, she’s a beauty and I love her smile.

Kpriss, I agree, Julia Roberts, was a miss again but I don’t like the dress at all Givenchy Couture or not. Dull! I do not agree with you when it comes to Amy Adams in Gucci dress. What a simple beauty and she pulled it off with a great body and skin. Just stylish and peaceful on the eyes between all the glitterz.

Jennifer Lawrence? Well, she has to wear Dior for three years to come. That’s a pity because she’s so young and needs something more quirky and she should skip sky high heels, she tripped again. She can’t walk on heels and nobody notice the shoes anyway under long dresses.

No, Sandra Bullock didn’t look great either and the same goes for Kate Hudson and both should be very careful with the botox. Joyce Wildestein’s in the making and they were not the only ones……pfff……

To end positive, I liked Emma Watson.

#2 Ellington on 03.03.14 at 4:52 pm

I love Lupita’s dress! She ALWAYS looks amazing and I am very happy that she won her Oscar and the Red carpet! ; )
I truly thought that Jennifer Law and Amy Adams were wearing the same dress but in different colours. The both looked nice but not spectacular to me.
I love Sandra Bullock because I always see her before I see what she is wearing I like that about her.
I am never a fan of what Julia Roberts or what Kate Hudson wears, I usually dislike their choices and style and they did not let me down on that front.
Angelina looked lovely I think and so did Bette Midler.
Jessica Biel and Emma Watson looked boring I never like what they wear, and I think that they don’t either.
No matter what Anne Hathaway does she annoys me, act, wear designer clothes, trying to be funny, giving acceptance speeches she just works my last nerve.
Why was Lady Gaga there, does anyone know why? I am serious. Her dress and Kristen Chenoweth’s dresses looked the same to me showgirl hollywood.
I also liked Cate’s dress as it looked the part of the evening. Best actress winner.
For the men I like Jared Leto, Pharell Williams and Joseph Gordon Levitt, they all looked dapper and had their own style and personalities shine through via their tuxes.
Oh and in closing does anyone knows who Le Tom Ford bestowed the honour of him dressing them on? ; ))
thanks for the post Kpriss, you save me from having to watch the Oscars yet again and for that you deserve KUDOS! : )

#3 kpriss on 03.04.14 at 1:16 am

Thank you, Ellington! This is one of the best things I could’ve imagined being said about me writing my modest pieces about the event! <3

I too wondered who did Tom Ford have the horror of dressing lolz! Haven't find yet. But I know Jennifer Lawrence wore one of his dresses for the Vanity Fair afterparty...

Gaga? clueless! Lolz. Nor do I care - but judging from the number of people wearing Donatella's designs, I think it was a marketing effort from the Versace house, to push - nah, shove! the label down the world's gullible fashion throat. Versace and Gucci as well.

So you think Amy was lovely, Adriana? I see her more as a flutter-dresses kind of gal. Less structured, more girly. But that's my vision of her. I like it that we don't agree on everything. It challenges me <3

#4 Appollonia on 03.04.14 at 11:52 am

No red carpets without the Award Shows!! No shining, dazzling stars without these Award Shows. No style recognition for the stars without the Award Shows either. I said it before and I say it again because I find it hypocrite to bash these shows if you don’t like it. Even kinda snobbish. Be consequent then and skip the whole tralalalala-nonsense. At least I am aware that I do watch elitist Hollywood nonsense and the red carpets are as fun and are as stupid as the shows itself. Maybe the red carpets are even worse…..the competition, the PR for expensive brand, the security to protect the multi million dollar diamonds while the security people are underpaid, The bashing or hailing all over the web……..
I needed to get off this chest and wonder why I took all the effort to reply anyway……to me it’s only some sort of escapism. To flee from things that really matter to me.

Yes. I saw Amy on the red carpet and later in her seat and the dress had a perfect cut and looked very chic in my opinion. She’s a great dancer by the way as she showed off with Pharrell. The only way I look at Amy is as a good actress, I’m a fan for years. I have no opinion if she’s flutter-dress-kind of gal or whatever. Maybe she liked it toned down being up for the first prize? She was obviously nervous and that made me like her even more. And that says perhaps something about her safe choice as fashion people like to say. Wear something that feels good when your nervous. Apparently she made a choice feel comfortable. Sometimes I wonder why and how these women make their choices.

#5 Appollonia on 03.04.14 at 12:12 pm

I forgot Samsung’s best PR trick of course the selfie with Hollywoods most high-paid stars of the moment. They rushed off their chairs to be on that pic!! “Let’s try to crash Twitter” said Ellen Degeneres and a world wide flock of sheep obeyed and there was the Twitter crash. Hooray for Samsung!
Thanks to Lupita Nyong’o’s brother it was at least a bit of fun. That guy stole the show as the only unknown. But who knows that was staged too? I like to believe it was really spontaneous..

#6 kpriss on 03.04.14 at 2:45 pm

I actually don’t mind the Samsung trick :-) as I am a proud owner of one of their smartphones. My Adored Husband gifted it to me on my Bday two years ago. How could I not love it? And Samsung by extension? Ellen is a brilliant comedian and host. I like her dearly and I’m happy her take on the Oscars story was on the public’s heart. I know it may be political, but I feel good about women taking over the reins in entertainment. For a change.

The Red Carpet is a toxic treat I indulge myself in just like I’m allowing myself the guilty pleasure of eating natural-like flavored fruit jell-o every once in awhile. I like the illusion of independence, integrity and spontaneity and most of all, I like the glamorous dresses on the actresses I enjoy watching in oh-so-many movies!

#7 Appollonia on 03.05.14 at 11:30 am

Errr…….I wouldn’t have watch the Oscars and Golden Globes plus the red carpets if I didn’t enjoy it! Mind you seven hours with headphones on is not something you do as a punishment. Lots of nice goodies stand by are a great help.The red carpet shows start around midnight here and my neighbours like to sleep. The shows itself at 2.30am. For sure I do enjoy the red carpets and sometimes the award show. I have been a great fan of Ellen’s show in the 90’s and am very pleased after her coming out she seemed abandoned so if one is happy she’s back it’s me. This was her second time by the way and Woopi Goldberg has been a presenter too. LOVED Tina and Amy at the Golden Globes. And when it comes to women power Cate Blanchett’s speed was applauded worthy for sure.
There’s still a long way to go before women will take over the power. If it’s ever going to happen. So therefore I am critical and alert.

I’m with you on watching movies, I watch one almost four or five in a week? Although some movies I watch for the second or even third time, some I watch because out of curiosity like an over hyped movie.
But I have a critical eye too especially since these shows plus the red carpet shows has changed so much.
That Samsung trick was fun to see…. in a certain way…. but I find it also sort of scary how fast so many people follow. For more reasons than just this trick but this is not the place to discuss it.

#8 kpriss on 03.05.14 at 3:13 pm

(starting again with Samsung lolz! It’s not even intentional! lolz) I think it’s not the brand but the social present that’s taking things so far and so viral. I’m so tired of it, actually. Of going ‘viral’ …

I’m convinced that’s it’s all political, like I said, hence I’m certain nothing actually changes in the way our society’s patriarchal hierarchy is maintained and strengthened. But I’m ok with that. As long as it doesn’t go sideways. The world is made of appearances and Hollywood is good and keen on implementing&keeping them.

Speaking of movies: I have a recommendation: Non-Stop. We’re fans of the grand Liam Neeson and I doubt he’ll ever disappoint. This time he was brilliantly supported by Julianne Moore (Michelle Dockery and Lupita were also part of the cast). Ah, movies, where would we be without them? <3 I would've only be painting nails lolz!

#9 สว อิเฎล on 02.23.15 at 8:44 pm

I *ate that Jennifer lawrence. She just mimiced the ex-mystique actress, Rebecca Romaji, by wearing red.

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