2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet Dresses

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If you’re after Glam and Shine on the Red Carpet, the Screen Actors Guild Awards is your stop! The gowns were only matched by the beauty of the ladies wearing them!

The 20th edition of the SAG Awards were rich in blue dresses and in sequins. Which is always a good news for fashion enthusiasts like myself: I happen to like all those gorgeous shiny dresses and blue is one of my favorite colors!

Lupita Nyong’o blue Gucci dress

this was definitely the dress of the evening! Lupita not only she won an Actor for her dazzling performance in 12 Years a Slave but her natural grace and beauty should be awarded every day! The teal Gucci dress was otherwise simple if it weren’t for the decolete embellishements: but oh! what an amazing effect they had against Lupita’s glowy complexion!

Lupita Nyong'o 2014 SAG Awards dress

Constantly increasing, the number of custom dresses worn by our favorite celebrities on the Red Carpet makes it harder and harder to track down and identify a certain gown in the myriad of catwalk collections presented season after season.

Lupita’s Gucci dress is no exception to that ‘custom is the new black’ rule: with elements from the Spring 2013 collections, Lupita Nyong’o’s teal gown was impressively simple yet outstanding. Her stylist is doing an amazing job in building her a real style – all her dresses until now have a distinctive column-like cut, a simple construction and relevant details in the upper part.

Lupita Nyong'o teal Gucci dress neck details

Jennifer Lawrence black sequins Dior dress

I did say something about sequins, right? Well, Jennifer’s Dior dress was my favorite tonight. Actually, it was my favorite of all the gowns Jennifer wore since this awards season started! It’s discrete yet outstandingly disco with all its holographic shine and it really suits Jennifer – don’t you think?

Jennifer Lawrence dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence Dior sequins dress 2014 SAG Awards

Plus she really looks young and fresh in that Christian Dior Fall 2013 Haute Couture dress! It’s shining from every angle, throwing a million rays of rainbow in every direction, just like Jennifer does! It’s amazing how deeply dramatic she can be while looking so charming and endearing!

Jennifer Lawrence hair makeup 2014 SAG Awards

Helen Mirren black Escada dress

not only do I like Dame Mirren as an actor, but her fashion choices are always outstanding! This Escada black dress with golden embroidery looks royal and stylish on Helen. Her red nails match her bright red lipstick and her hair matches the glamorous ensemble!

Helen Mirren black dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Helen is such fun to watch – really enchanting and fresh, I love that about her! She’s not serious and precious on the Red Carpet but witty and smart and fabulous! So is her Escada dress from the Pre Fall 2014 collection! And it looks so beautiful on Dame Mirren!

Helen Mirren Escada dress 2014 SAG Awards

Amy Adams blue Antonio Berardi dress

reminded me of a glamorous era when it was all about elegance and body-hugging dresses. Amy looked fantastic, her hair and her dress created a retro aura of timeless style and fashion assurance.

Amy Adams blue dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

This custom-tendency is very interesting to observe. What initiated must run deeper than a simple sartorial change on a dress! Like Amy Adams who was most certainly wearing a blue gown designed by Antonio Berardi: the gown was wearing Berardi’s diagonal trademark cuts and clear signals that it would belong to the house’s Fall 2013 collection… It’s not there. It’s in the custom-made aisle!

Amy Adams blue Antonio Berardi dress 2014 SAG Awards

Sandra Bullock green Lanvin dress

another Red Carpet, another Lanvin dress for Sandy! I can’t put my finger on it, but something looked off tonight. Maybe the metallic reflection of the Lanvin gown on her skin or the too-dolled up look (although a dress of cascading ruffles she wore before didn’t look too girly), but Sandra Bullock was less convincing at the 2014 SAG Awards. From a fashion point of view, biensur!

Sandra Bullock green dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Clearly another one of those custom-made gowns, Sandy’s emerald green Lanvin kept visual elements from the Spring 2014 collection designed by Alber Elbaz for the prestigious fashion house. Even the texture of the fabric is the same as the one used to make the skirt shown in the catwalk presentation! But in my opinion, it may have looked beautiful on the fashion runway and I loved how simple it was, but it was no match to the ruffled number from the Critics Choice Awards!

Sandra Bullock Lanvin green dress 2014 SAG Awards

Cate Blanchett soft pink Givenchy dress

this gown added more shine to Cate’s surreal aura of beauty and elegance. I’m usually very enthusiastic about Cate’s each and every look, but the cut of this dress needs a closer inspection. There’s a ruffled detail hanging from her neck all the way to the waist. Luckily there were some pink sequins present to make me forget about the bib-like fold of the gown.

Cate Blanchett dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Derived from a dress from the Spring 2014 collection designed by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Cate wore a simplified version of the catwalk model. She kept the bib and the sequined edge but lost the striped details. A loss for the overall fashion value of the dress.

Cate Blanchett Givenchy dress 2014 SAG Awards

Claire Danes blue sequins Vionnet dress

looking at the 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet tonight, one could be under the impression that there was an imposed dress code. One that read blue and sequins. Claire opted for a mirroring paneled layered see-through dress and heavy smoky eyes. I honestly think she was gorgeous and looked really happy!

Claire Danes sequins dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Although hard to pin within the realms of a single season, Claire Danes’ dress seems to be based on a model from Vionnet’s Pre Fall 2011 collection. Whichever season it was designed for, on Claire it works wonders and I love it!

Claire Danes Vionnet dress 2014 SAG Awards

There was a sea of blue dresses on tonight’s 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet! Among them, I’d like to make a special mention for Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn who was radiant in her Monique Lhuillier dress! And how incredibly cute was her Breaking Bag clutch? I just loved it!

Anna Gunn Monique Lhuillier blue dress 2014 SAG Awards

Anna Gunn 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet dress

Homeland’s Morena Baccarin was also wearing a blue dress, also designed by Monique Lhuillier. A classic cut, a gorgeous look, Morena was amazing, like always!

Morena Baccarin Lhuillier blue dress 2014 SAG Awards

Ariel Winter’s blue dress was a lovely choice for her – I think she looks better in dark colors! I usually felt strangely ambivalent about her Red Carpet choices but this one feels more suitable and appears more flattering on the young actress.

Ariel Winter Badgley Mischka blue dress 2014 SAG Awards

Ariel Winter blue dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Let’s not forget about Julianne Nichols, Kathy Griffin, Anna Chlumsky, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Amanda Peet who were all wearing blue and Oprah who was wearing purple.

2014 SAG Awards blue dresses Julianne Nichols Kathy Griffin Anna Chlumsky

Julia Louis Drefus Amanda Peet Oprah dresses 2014 SAG Awards

A clear sign that Spring is coming (hopefully) were a handful of green and flowery dresses. Juliette Lewis and Thea Andrews had some lovely flowery print gowns while Jane Krakowski and Shaun Robinson were dressed in green, head to toes (Shaun was actually one of my favorites tonight! Don’t you agree that she looked fabulous?)

2014 SAG Awards dresses flowers Juliette Lewis Thea Andrews

2014 SAG Awards green dresses Jane Krakowski Shaun Robinson

Have you seen what the beautiful Kerry Washington was wearing? If you thought cropped tops were only for chocolate tummy display purposes only, well here’s Kerry showing us how to keep it classy while pregnant and wearing a cropped top! Fantastic! And I think it’s all because of that gorgeous pink! (she’s wearing Prada). I can’t be just as excited about Julia Roberts’ look tonight! She was wearing a pink jumpsuit from Valentino and although it was very well cut, I don’t think it flattered Julia.

Kerry Washington Prada top skirt 2014 SAG Awards

Julia Roberts Valentino pink jumpsuit 2014 SAG Awards

A particular note to Julie Bowen’s Carolina Herrera dress: I think it was the first time on the Red Carpet opting for something rather daring and she was looking fabulous! (too bad one of the bustier stitches failed to stay put)

Julie Bowen dress 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet

How about the pale dresses? The many shades of nude were well represented at the 2014 SAG Awards with: Emilia Clarke, Elizabeth Rohm, Isla Fisher, Nancy O’Donnel, Maria Menonous, Sarah Hyland and the crisp whites as worn by Sarah Paulson, Gretchen Mol and Natalie Dormer. But the real star (at least in Natalie’s case) was her radical haircut with her left side shaved, allegedly for her role in Hunger Games!

2014 SAG Awards dresses Emilia Clarke Elizabeth Rohm Isla Fisher

2014 SAG Awards dresses Nancy O Donnel Maria Menounous Sarah Hyland

2014 SAG Awards dresses Natalie Dormer Gretchen Mol Sarah Paulson

Last but not least, before getting into the black dresses, I’d like to take a moment and awknoledge the bold reds! Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter were so vibrant in their red dresses! JoBeth Williams, Patricia Arquette and Renee Bargh also went for red gowns on the 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet.

2014 SAG Awards red dresses Elisabeth Moss Holly Hunter

2014 SAG Awards red dresses JoBeth Williams Renee Bargh Patricia Arquette

Let’s talk about the black gowns! Taking it slowly with intricate details and lace with Malin Akerman, Betsy Bradt and Gisele Blondet.(images getty, style)

2014 SAG Awards dresses Malin Akerman Betsy Brandt Gisele Blondet


#1 jac on 01.19.14 at 8:11 am

Lupita Nyong’o is proof of what is missing from all aspects of the fashion industry. Freshness; prettiness & happiness. It is thrilling to see a woman not trying to be edgy or cool or sultry etc. She is my current fashion icon for 2014!

#2 Ellington on 01.19.14 at 8:18 am

All I can say is that Lupita won the red carpet again!
She looked AMAZING, which seems to be a given for her.
Love the gown, the colour, the cut, the simple elegance of the jewelled neckline.
I can hardly wait to see what her choice will be at the Oscars! : )

Cate B always looks otherworldly, I adore her and her choices and only she could wear a giant bedazzled bib as a part of her gown and make it look great. She has the grace and verve to wear such choices. She knows herself. : )
Dame Mirren looked fabu!
Kerry W looked cute and stylish.
I disliked what Julia R wore, but then I am never really a fan of her fashion choices or her acting.
Everyone else looked nice and did not really stand out for me, but in saying that Amy A looked old school glamourous, Claire D looked nifty, Anna G looked great. : )

Thanks for this review Kpriss. : )

#3 Ellington on 01.19.14 at 11:28 am

I really do like Jennifer L.
She is a wonderfully talented actor, but I am tired of her I am fat for Hollywood tirades and the I love food spiels. It is annoying to me because she says these things ( and maybe it may be true) but if she is considered fat for Hollywood what are Melissa M and Gabourey S considered?
Everyone thinks Jennifer L is being so adorable by saying those things ( her latest is her underarms looks like a vagina) but it really comes across as insipid to me. The pretty white blonde girl who is slender makes fun of herself and says she loves to eat and everyone smiles and fawns. But if Melissa or Gabourey said any of those things, most would be fat shamming them and tutting and telling them that they need help.
I loath this double standard, but it is rampant and constantly embraced.

#4 kpriss on 01.19.14 at 1:20 pm

oh, Jac, what a wonderful way to get back for the new year! With a new fashion icon! yes, Lupita definitely deserves it! <3

Ellington, don't sweat over it, I think it's all staged ;) I think I'll become absolutely paranoid about what's real or not in Hollywood....... I was thinking the other day - after watching American Hustle - that although Jennifer is a wonderful actress, I loved her interpretation in last year's Silver Linings Playbook far more than I did her acting this year. Yes, Amy deserves every praise for her role, but I still think that Hollywood acts under carefully supervised statistics and less democratic principles....

#5 Appollonia on 01.19.14 at 1:22 pm

LOL!! Ellington, you should write a piece about the next red carpet award show!!

Gosh, I am yet so tired of the ever so “adorable” Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a decent actress and she looks really nice but it’s like Hollywood needs desperately a new (of course) young sweetheart. I can not stand girls and women who present themselves so blunt all the time with that “look at me I am so cute” thing. Too many accolades too fast, too soon while other actors works so long and hard and never received the honour. There, I said it. :)

The first moment Lupita Nyongo’o set foot on the Golden Globes Red Carpet I thought “OMG!!!!!!!!” and then “I think this was THE moment let’s skip the rest”. Of course I didn’t. :)
Until now she’s (also) my fave red carpet girl. Can’t go wrong with her. I so love her chic style and modesty. I found a quote by her about being a fashion icon during award season:
“I’ve loved the opportunity to learn about the fashion world and appreciate it as an art form, but I never want it to take over my acting.” Ha, she has nothing to learn she’s a natural. So yes, also my fave of the award season. :)

Julia Roberts is not a fashion girl anyway. I don’t dislike her. Even like some of her parts and the way she protects her family life. Same as Meryl Streep always has. This is jumpsuit is better than her apron like dress at the CCA’s. But too much 80s clubbing style.

Pfff….. all these other dresses……. love Claire Danes’dress a lot, Kerry Washington’s daring pregnancy elegance, Julliette Lewis colourful dress as I liked her red GG dress. She has scrubbed up nicely hasn’t she? Further, it’s definitely an Oprah’s good dressing season. She looks great and happy.
Also Morena Baccarin but she’s always gorgeous. Anna Gunn and her cute BB clutch and so many others….. I’m bedazzled by all those dazzling dresses and I have probably forgotten some great looking ladies but it’s a bit too much.
I did not watch this red carpet. I was tempted to but watched a cute film with Audrey Tattou lusting my eyes on her wardrobe and fell in love with a knitted sweater. Yes, off topic and not glitz but it’s still about great fashion. :)

#6 kpriss on 01.19.14 at 1:26 pm

so wonderful! writing about pretty much the same views in pretty much the same moment! I love these lovely coincidences! <3

You're so right about so many things Appollonia! but you already know that :) and I definitely love you for everything you are <3

mhhh.. that sounds so 'acceptance speech' lolz!

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